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iSpecimen Expands Global Biospecimen Supplier Network and Access to Human Biospecimens Needed to Help Accelerate Development of Liquid Biopsies

LEXINGTON, MA, October 7, 2021 – iSpecimen Inc. (Nasdaq: ISPC), an online marketplace for human biospecimens(“iSpecimen” or the “Company”), today announced it is expanding its human biospecimen supplier network to offer increasingly comprehensive selections of whole blood, plasma and other biofluids to help accelerate the development of liquid biopsies. In support of this market, the company expanded its supply network to include another US-based organization with numerous blood donation centers across the country and access to tens of thousands of donors registered to provide blood for research.

A developing technology, liquid biopsies promise to be a less invasive and more convenient way to detect and help diagnose various diseases early in their progression when compared to traditional surgical biopsies. The emerging diagnostic method typically uses a blood or other biofluid sample – rather than a tissue sample extracted surgically – to reveal signs of disease, such as cancer. In the case of liquid biopsies for cancer, biomarkers may include circulating tumor cells or free-floating DNA from a tumor.

Researchers hope that liquid biopsies can someday be administered in a doctor’s office and detect cancer or heightened risk before symptoms appear. Liquid biopsies are also viewed as a good way to follow the development, recurrence, or mutation of cancer in individual patients over time. The estimated $1.45 billion global liquid biopsy market is projected to grow 24% per year through 2026.

Over the past two and a half years, iSpecimen has delivered thousands of blood, plasma, and other human biofluid samples in support of nearly 30 mid- and large-size liquid biopsy research and development studies. More than 100 potential projects were reviewed for participation during this time, including those with a growing focus on pan cancer research.

These broader pan cancer research studies aim to detect multiple cancer types in a liquid biopsy versus a singular result for colon or prostate cancer, for example, and require extensive access to human biofluid samples. As a result, research organizations need more biospecimens from a diverse population of diseased and healthy donors. An expanding supplier network is an integral part of growing iSpecimen’s liquid biopsy research support capabilities.

“Liquid biopsy aims to make a significant impact on early cancer risk assessment, detection, diagnosis, and treatment, which is a game changer in helping patients live longer, high-quality lives,” said iSpecimen Founder and CEO, Christopher Ianelli, MD, Ph.D. “Supporting research and development in this area is a growing part of iSpecimen’s business and embedded in our mission.”

About iSpecimen

iSpecimen offers an online marketplace for human biospecimens, connecting life scientists in commercial and non-profit organizations with healthcare providers that have access to patients and specimens needed for medical discovery. Proprietary, cloud-based technology enables scientists to intuitively search for specimens and patients across a federated partner network of hospitals, labs, biobanks, blood centers, and other healthcare organizations. For more information about iSpecimen, please visit

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