Be a part of the biospecimen revolution

By connecting researchers to a diverse, global network of sample providers, we are streamlining specimen procurement and bringing innovation to an industry in need of change.

Human Biospecimens

Find the biospecimen match that meets your project’s needs, from diagnostic remnant, banked, or prospective collections.



Learn about the many different types of blood and non-blood biofluids that are available, as well as the accompanying test and clinical data.


Tissue Samples

See the breadth of tissue samples and disease states that you can access, many with clinical and molecular annotation.


Stem and Immune Cells

Discover the range of banked and prospectively collected hematological tissue you can request, with plenty of options for specifying donor attributes.


Matched Sets

Find matched sample sets of human biospecimens, including matched tissue, blood, and other biofluids.


DNA & RNA Sequenced Cancer Tissue

Access pre-screened cancer tumor tissue samples characterized by next-generation DNA and RNA sequencing when your research requires specific fusion non-fusion mutations as well as wild types.


Specimen procurement

Discover the ways we are transforming biospecimen matchmaking and how they can help you shorten R&D timelines.

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Marketplace Works

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The iSpecimen Marketplace

Through our online Marketplace, you gain access to millions of human biospecimens and patients across a diverse network of providers from around the globe—quickly and compliantly. Spend less time searching and more time doing the critical research you are passionate about.

We’re changing the game for researchers

Easily obtain samples from diverse patient populations and find even the most “difficult” biospecimens now that the world is your biobank.


Estimated number of medical researchers worldwide


Of researchers report limiting research due to lack of access to and quantity of specimens


Of researchers report limiting research due to lack of specimen quality

We’re opening the door for more biospecimen sharing

Streamline the transfer of biospecimens for research and contribute to biomedical advances, regardless of your organization’s size, infrastructure, or location.


Of biorepositories report sustainability is a concern


Banked biospecimens worldwide


Biospecimens estimated to be discarded each year worldwide

“Our partnership with iSpecimen allows us to expand our reach across the scientific community, providing specimens directly for the discovery of new diagnostics and therapeutics.”

Eric Carbonneau,

MS, MT (ASCP), Director of Core Lab Operations & Research Institute, TriCore Solutions


iSpecimen was founded to address a critical challenge:

How to connect life science researchers, who need human biospecimens, with the billions of specimens available in healthcare organizations worldwide.

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