Autoimmune Disease Research

Gain access to an extensive global network of human biospecimens needed to advance autoimmune disease research.

Accelerate your R&D projects with a plethora of specimen types & the datasets to match.

Whether your research requires tissue samples, blood products, swabs, tissue, or other biofluids from clinical remnant, banked, or prospective collections, our provider network offers the volume and diversity of specimens critical to autoimmune research. Along with the exact specimens you need, we can provide standard clinical and testing data, utilizing gold standard methodologies.

Our capabilities include sourcing specimens from diseases such as MS, lupus, diabetes, and more. Additionally, we have access to healthy controls as well as matched sets of tissue and/or biofluid specimen types.


The iSpecimen Advantage When Procuring Specimens for Autoimmune Disease Research

Our global provider network helps to ensure the right biospecimen and data match necessary to further your research projects.

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    Multiple Specimen Types

    Through our network, you can source various specimen types, such as serum, plasma, PBMCs, buffy coat, and urine—all of which can be sourced from patients diagnosed with autoimmune disorders.

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    Increased Patient Access

    Tap into a highly targeted population of patients receiving ongoing care from physicians and specialists specifically for their autoimmune conditions.

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    Healthy Normal Offerings

    In addition to our diseased autoimmune sample offerings, researchers can access samples from normal healthy donors.

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    Global Provider Network

    Our extensive global network provides access to a diverse group of patients with a wide array of diseases, stages/severity, and treatment plans.

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    Detailed Datasets

    Depending on the project type, iSpecimen can deliver detailed clinical data such as test results, pathology data, and more.

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    Matched Sets

    Access collections of high-quality matched sample sets of human biospecimens for autoimmune research.

Helping to Advance Your Research in Autoimmune Disease

Providing a single touch-point for searching and ordering specimens, we make it easier for you to obtain samples from patients with autoimmune conditions, including, but not limited to:

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • IBD (Crohn’s & Colitis)
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Lupus
  • Psoriasis
  • Type 1 Diabetes
  • Celiac Disease
  • Grave’s Disease
  • Hepatitis
  • Scleroderma
  • Hashimoto’s Disease

Finding the Right Specimen Match for Your Autoimmune Disease Research

Intuitive specimen search

Through a single interface on the iSpecimen Marketplace®, you can tap into our large and growing network of hospitals, biorepositories, practice groups, commercial laboratories, HIEs, and other healthcare organizations that provide access to millions of richly characterized biospecimens and patient encounters.

Custom datasets

In addition to standard specimen and patient data sets, we can provide specific data tailored to the disease state you are researching, such as treatment and flare-up data.

Specialty sites

Our provider network includes specialty clinics and rheumatologists to help expand patient targeting and collections outside of a hospital setting.

The World is Your Biobank

Expand Your Patient Population By Tapping Into Our Global Network

Our network spans diverse communities across the globe. Reach beyond restricted or limited patient sets and find the necessary specimens to move research forward.

Biospecimen Matching for Autoimmune Disease Research

You need biospecimens that match specific patient journeys. iSpecimen's vast network of healthcare providers gives you access to those patients, providing you with a faster way to source the samples you need.


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