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Getting the Right Biospecimens for Your Research is Now Easier than Ever

Search Online: Sourcing biospecimens to support medical research can be challenging and time-consuming. iSpecimen changes the paradigm, offering single-source access to millions of human biospecimens and patients across a diverse network of providers—quickly and compliantly.

Contact Experts Directly: Search for the specimens you need in the iSpecimen Marketplace, or contact our biospecimen experts directly for help. Streamline procurement and devote more of your precious time to research and discovery.

The World is Your Biobank

Expand your patient population by tapping into our global network, and find the right specimen match needed to move your research forward. Our experts are here to help!

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instantly across millions of samples using our intuitive and powerful online Marketplace



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Millions of Biospecimens. One Global Marketplace.

Clinical Remnant Specimens

Find a variety of clinical remnants, across specimen formats and disease indications, complete with treatment data, demographic profiles, and medication summaries.

Banked Inventory

Access thousands of banked tissue and biofluid specimens from diverse patient populations—normal and diseased—across our global network of providers, all with deep data sets needed to advance your studies.

Custom and Prospective Collections

Today, many researchers require a custom or prospective collection to ensure exact specimen and data matching for their studies. Our large network of providers opens the doors to fulfilling even the most complex specimen requests.

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From Chaos to Control: Transforming Biospecimen Procurement

Learn how easy it is to find specimens from diverse patient populations and locate even the most “difficult” biospecimens now that the world is your biobank.

Global Provider Network

The iSpecimen Marketplace opens the door to millions of human biospecimens from diverse patient populations worldwide. Streamline procurement from inquiry to feasibility and fulfillment.

Ensuring Quality Throughout the Procurement Process

By offering a range of services as part of our procurement process, we help you obtain the specimens you need to drive your research quickly and compliantly.

Custom Specimen Procurement

Expand the scope of your research with exact specimen matches from custom and prospective collections.

Biospecimen Data & Data Management

We harmonize, track, and manage project and sample data, while making it easily accessible through our online marketplace.

Custom Study Design

Leverage our expertise to help you design a study that proactively considers your biospecimen requirements and keeps progress on track.

Sample Kits & Logistics

By insourcing custom kit development, we closely manage every detail, ensuring quality at every step.

Lab Services

Take advantage of our sample sequencing services.

“iSpecimen enabled us to immediately expand our sourcing of tumor types that we did not have a channel for.”

David Deems

President, Cellaria