Study Design

We understand the importance of taking biospecimen procurement into consideration early in the study design process. Our team of specimen experts have worked with over 400 global organizations to facilitate this process.

By aligning our knowledge of healthcare, medical research, and our customers’ requirements, we provide thoughtful recommendations regarding specimen requirements in support of a successful and efficient study design.

Our study design services were built with every procedural touch-point in mind—from collection to final shipment.

How Our Technology Helps Predict Study Roadblocks

Unexpected, costly delays can be avoided by planning for specimen collection as part of the study design process. This is where iSpecimen can help. Our system tracks and manages all specimen information, maximizing data availability and inventory transparency. All of these capabilities are easily accessible through our user-friendly online iSpecimen Marketplace®.

iSpecimen’s unique study design services:


Setting realistic specimen requirements

At iSpecimen, we facilitate biospecimen matchmaking across hundreds of global sample providers within our network to help assess expected sample availability. We work with customers to first understand their specific biospecimen needs, such as sample volume, patient cohort, processing methodologies, data requirements, and more. Then, using our extensive knowledge of healthcare and the standard of care, we assess project feasibility. If required, we will collaborate with the customer to adjust their sample criteria, maximizing project efficiency and study design simplicity.


Unified contracting & compliance

We offer a single-point of contracting and compliance with all sample providers in our network, so our researcher clients can access a global network of biospecimens with just one contract. By managing ethics and compliance at every stage of procurement, we help to reduce project risk and give researchers peace of mind.


Kitting & training for consistent sample handling

To help enable quality and consistency with prospectively collected specimens, our kitting experts design and furnish sample providers with collection kits containing the complete materials necessary for specimen collection. We also deliver training on each aspect of the project’s sample collection protocol.


Thorough project management

At iSpecimen, we have a dedicated team of project managers to help ensure the success of every project. Our goal is to understand the unique needs of both researchers searching for biospecimens and healthcare organizations providing the samples. In the process of achieving this goal, we leverage the iSpecimen Marketplace to orchestrate key aspects of the sample collection and delivery process.