Human Whole Blood Samples

Access whole blood products from healthy and diseased patients from diverse donor populations.

Whether your research organization is performing genetic work, validating medical instruments, or developing blood-based testing methods, iSpecimen provides access to the remnant, banked, and fresh human whole blood samples and data needed to advance your project.

iSpecimen offers access to whole blood samples from a breadth of diseased patients—from various cancer types to lupus, diabetes, and more—as well as healthy normal specimens.

Not only can we serve our clients who need specimens delivered within hours of collection by working with nearby providers in our network, our global network also connects our clients to ethnically diverse patients from different geographic locations.


Advantages of Using iSpecimen to Procure Human Whole Blood Samples for Research

Combining access to our global provider network with our biospecimen expertise enables us to deliver the right biospecimens, right on time.

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    Access to Banked Inventory

    Our ability to source large amounts of frozen whole blood samples for DNA extraction and genomic discovery helps to set iSpecimen apart.

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    Rapid Turnaround Times

    For many specimen orders, we utilize our far-reaching provider network to deliver remnant and prospectively collected samples in under 24 hours.

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    International Provider Network

    We have providers all over the world, poised to supply researchers with blood samples they need.

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    Access to Diverse Disease States

    Whole blood may be collected from diverse diseased patients with various hematological disorders, cancers, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, and more.

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    Healthy Normal Offerings

    Outside of our diseased offerings, we can supply researchers with human blood products for research from donors that have no medical conditions.

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    Optimizing Shipping Logistics

    iSpecimen accounts for every detail that may impact the integrity of the sample, including shipping temperature, tube type, and sample volume.

Expanding Access with Competitive Delivery Options

We're elevating our service offerings with improved delivery options for fresh whole blood samples. Benefit from our same-day delivery, available in key east coast locations such as Boston, Cambridge, MA, the Philadelphia area, and the Tri-State region. For those outside these zones, our next-day delivery ensures timely arrival of freshly collected samples across the US. With a revamped, competitive pricing structure, coupled with our commitment to sourcing from a diverse range of donors, we continue to be the go-to choice for research organizations.

Finding the Right Whole Blood Match

In the iSpecimen Marketplace®, researchers can request human whole blood samples that fit specific donor profiles. These requirements may include, but are not limited too:

  • Demographics
  • Medical Conditions
  • Tests & Test Results
  • Medical Procedures
  • Outcomes Data
  • Social & Family History
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Whole Blood Specifications & Handling Information

Whole blood derivatives

We can source fresh whole blood as well as blood derivatives such as serum, plasma, and buffy coat as clinical remnants, banked research samples, or custom research collections.

Optimal storage & shipping conditions

Exacting requirements drive the need for highly specific storage and shipping logistics. Researchers can select specific collection and storage containers, as well as stringent storage and shipping temperatures from -80 degrees for longer term stability to ambient temperatures for fresh, same day deliveries.

Protocol for healthy normals

Each Donor is assessed for medication, lifestyle, and medical history. Additionally, samples may undergo testing for HBV, HCV, HIV, and an expanded panel of infectious diseases. For any collection, iSpecimen can help you obtain samples with a volume of 1 mL to 500 mL per donor.

Recent Projects with Human Whole Blood Products for Research

Expedited Delivery Of Blood Samples for IVD Companies

An in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) company validating hematology tests needed fresh whole blood samples. iSpecimen met the challenge by delivering these samples within four hours of collection.

Quick-Turn Prospective Collection, Healthy Normals

For a recent client project, iSpecimen delivered the standard 2 mL aliquots of whole blood from healthy normal controls, doing so within eight hours of collection.


Access the Whole Blood Samples You Need For Your Research

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