Central Nervous System Disorders Research

Access a wealth of specimens derived from patients with central nervous system diseases through the iSpecimen Marketplace®.

At iSpecimen, we offer a more simple and effective pathway to prospective collections, connecting research organizations with hospitals in our network to source fresh CNS disease samples to satisfy project criteria.

Whether you need samples from patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or mental health disorders, our team is here to help find the right specimen match for your research across our global network of providers.

Matched sets of CNS-related biofluids and tissue samples are also available.


The iSpecimen Advantage when Procuring Specimens for CNS Research

Our global provider network allows us to efficiently source the specimens and data necessary to further your CNS research projects.

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    Frozen and FFPE Tissue Samples

    Depending on your research criteria, we offer flash frozen, viably frozen, and FFPE tissue samples for CNS research.

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    Increased Availability

    iSpecimen offers access to samples across many CNS conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

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    Global Provider Network

    Our global network provides access to a diverse set of patients with an array of diseases, disease stages, and treatment plans.

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    Access to Banked Specimens

    We foster deep connections with biobanks to grant you access to an extensive inventory of cryopreserved, banked specimens for CNS research.

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    Detailed Datasets

    Depending on the project type, iSpecimen can provide data sets, including testing data, data surrounding cognitive impairment, pathology data, and more.

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    Matched Sets

    Find hiqh-quality matched specimen sets of tissue and blood products.

Helping to Advance Your Research in Central Nervous System Disorders

Providing a single touch-point for searching and ordering specimens, we make it easier for you to obtain samples from patients who have been diagnosed with CNS conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • MCI & dementia
  • Depression, schizophrenia, and more.

Finding the Right Specimen Match for Your CNS Research

Access to cerebrospinal fluid

CSF is often less accessible than other sample types. Our broad network enables greater access to CSF samples for research, so you can fulfill your project criteria more easily.

PBMC sample availability

If your research project demands human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) derived from patients with a CNS disorder, we’ve got you covered. This allows you to continue making developments in regenerative medicine, CAR-T cell therapy, toxicology research, and more.

Access to CNS-related tissue samples

Like CSF, tissue samples are in high demand by researchers who are focused on CNS conditions. With our combined expertise and global network of sample providers, we help you to find the best tissue match for your research.

The World is Your Biobank

Expand Your Patient Population by Tapping into Our Global Network

Reach beyond restricted or limited patient groups and find the specimen match you need to move research forward.

Biospecimen Matching for Central Nervous System Disorders Research

You need access to biospecimen samples that match specific patient journeys. With iSpecimen, you have more opportunities to source specific and diverse samples.


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