Formalin-Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) Tissue Blocks

Access a global repository of FFPE human tissue from diseased and healthy patients.

Large, Diverse Inventory of FFPE Tissue Samples

iSpecimen’s extensive provider network grants you access to high quality FFPE tissue blocks from hundreds of repositories around the world, reflecting the sample and patient diversity that modern medical research requires.

Across our entire network, FFPE tissue specimens are collected under IRB-approved protocols with processes to help ensure consistency and quality. All samples are collected in full compliance with regulatory standards and best-practice guidelines.

Discover our inventory of archived FFPE blocks that have been approved for research by waiver of consent. These tissue samples are extremely versatile, fueling research in areas such as oncology, hematology and immunology—notably for replication, validation and immunohistochemistry (IHC) testing. Whether you are performing academic research, drug discovery, or diagnostic development, we can supply the FFPE blocks to do so.


The iSpecimen Advantage when Procuring FFPE Tissue Blocks

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    Hundreds of Providers, a Single Platform

    We simplify your procurement process by granting you access to hundreds of sample providers globally—all under one contract.

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    Large Specimen Inventory

    With hundreds of providers in our network, you can search for highly-specific samples from an extensive inventory of FFPE tissue blocks.

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    Diverse Patient Populations

    Tap into our global network to access a diverse set of patients with a wide array of diseases, disease stages, and treatment plans.

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    Highly Specific Datasets

    Find FFPE blocks with a wealth of available data, including pathology reports, collection year, country of origin, and consent status.

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    Custom Collections

    If banked or archived samples are not the right match, our providers can prospectively collect samples using their standard collection protocols.

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    Tissue Matching Capabilities

    Find matched sample sets of human biospecimens, including serum, plasma, and urine. Also, obtain a combination of fresh, frozen, or fixed tissue samples.

Finding the Right FFPE Blocks for Your Research


Key Advantages of Using Archived Tissue Blocks

Archived FFPE blocks can alleviate significant procurement challenges in that they are typically:

More Affordable

Benefit from Tremendous Value

Archived FFPE blocks can cost up to 70% less than prospectively collected samples.

More Plentiful

Rare Disease Samples in Large Quantities

Archived, waiver-of-consent FFPE blocks are collected and stored over many years, making them ideal for researchers in need of rare disease samples in large quantities.

More Accelerated Shipments

Available for Immediate Delivery

Because archived FFPE blocks are already fixed, they are prepared for immediate shipment.

More Dependable Options

Scientifically Viable and Reliable

FFPE tissue blocks are fixed immediately upon removal, allowing them to remain viable despite a number of years in storage.

A New, Efficient Way of Finding FFPE Blocks Needed for Research

Streamlined ordering and procurement

Search the iSpecimen Marketplace for banked and archived FFPE tissue blocks in inventory, or tell our biospecimen experts what you need directly. We’ll help to streamline the entire specimen procurement process, from feasibility to fulfillment—no matter how complex the project.

Access to healthy donors

Outside of the broad range of diseased specimens accessible through our network, we can also obtain FFPE blocks from healthy patients or collect normal-adjacent tissue to help make a distinction in morphology between healthy specimens and diseased specimens.

Shipping and handling considerations

Our team of experts understand that FFPE blocks demand a specific shipping environment. FFPE samples are shipped at an ambient temperature of 70°F to prevent the paraffin wax from freezing or melting. We also ensure the correct use of proprietary media to optimize sample preservation.


Understanding acceptable levels of patient consent

Many organizations restrict themselves to using only tissue collected or stored for research use, with affirmative patient consent. With waiver-of-consent, archived FFPE blocks can be compliantly used for research after the required years in storage have passed.

For many types of research, including replication, validation, and IHC testing, sourcing fresh or banked consented specimens may put unnecessary strain on your budget and timeline. Archived blocks could be a superior fit. Contact us and our specimen experts will help you find the ideal sample type for your research.


The World is Your Biobank

Expand Your Patient Sets by Tapping into Our Global Network

Reach beyond restricted or limited patient populations to find the FFPE blocks, other tissues, and biofluids needed to accelerate your research.

Biospecimen Matching for Your Research

You need access to biospecimen samples that mirror your patient population’s genetics and physical attributes. With iSpecimen, you have more opportunities to source specific, diverse samples.

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Access FFPE Tissue for Your Research Today

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