Oncology Sample Procurement

Biospecimen Procurement Designed to Advance your Cancer Research

Oncology samples are vital to cancer research and the advancement of precision medicine. We’ve seen significant improvement in the type, quality, and annotation of cancer tissue samples, biofluids, and stem cells, allowing researchers like you to glean deeper insights than ever before.

Through our global network and procurement platform, you gain access to biospecimens from patients with common to rare solid tumors and hematologic malignancies—untreated or treated. From diseased tissue to matched samples to longitudinal outcomes data, we’ll find it and get it to you—quickly, compliantly, and conveniently.


Reap The Benefits of Cancer Tissue Samples From iSpecimen

Streamline biospecimen procurement so you can focus on paving the path to precision medicine and better outcomes for people with cancer.

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    Simplify Search and Procurement

    Easily search for attribute-specific oncology samples from providers around the world through the iSpecimen Marketplace. We’ll manage the logistics.

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    Prospectively Collect

    When samples aren’t readily available, we’ll tap into our network of hospitals and cancer centers to prospectively collect what you need.

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    Get Matched Sets

    Your opportunities for matched tissues and biofluids are sizable. We’ll assess the feasibility and coordinate the transfer.

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    Power Insights with Longitudinal Data

    Get samples with related data throughout the cancer continuum by leveraging the unique relationship we have with biospecimen providers.

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    Find Diverse Patient Cohorts

    Our international footprint provides access to treated and untreated samples from geographically and racially diverse patient cohorts.

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    Access Difficult Samples

    Advancing precision medicine can require highly precise samples that seem just out of reach. Fortunately, our network provides the access.

Cancer Specimen Types — Pre- And Post-Operation, Fresh Or Frozen, Untreated Or Treated — The Options are Vast

If you need it, chances are we either have it or can collect it for you through our vast partner network. Get cancer tissue samples, biofluids, stem and immune cells, and more.

  • Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tumor tissue
  • Stained or unstained tumor tissue slides
  • Fresh or frozen tumor tissue
  • Matched sets, including biofluids
  • Normal adjacent tissue
  • Stem and immune cells

Biospecimen Data Annotation

Providers in our network connect their EMR, LIMS, LIS, and other data sources to our marketplace platform, allowing you to search for specific sample attributes and receive patient outcomes data.

  • Diagnosis
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Molecular and genomic data
  • Treatment history (procedures, medications)
  • Outcomes data
  • Comorbidities
  • Family and/or social history
  • Longitudinal information
  • Patient Consent

Trust Us — It’s Ethical, Compliant, Secure

You can be confident using the iSpecimen Marketplace™. It efficiently and thoroughly manages critical aspects of compliance and security at each stage of biospecimen procurement to safeguard and streamline a historically complex process.

We are uncompromising when it comes to patient health and privacy. This is why we’ve established a sophisticated technology platform for data management and maintain close relationships with our biospecimen providers. We align with governing bodies, ensure patient consent, and monitor our systems and processes to keep information secure.

  • Affirmative patient consent
  • IRB / IEC / REB / REC oversight
  • Cadaver specimens collected under Uniform Anatomical Gift Act
  • 45CFR46 / CIOMS / TCPS
  • Material and Data Use Agreements
  • Sophisticated de-identification software — PHI stays in the data center
  • Multiple administrative, physical, and technical safeguards
  • Subjected to regular, rigorous privacy and security audits

A Marketplace for Cancer Tissues, Biofluids, and Immune Cells

Intuitive specimen search

Through a single interface, you can tap into our large and growing network of hospitals, biorepositories, practice groups, commercial laboratories, HIEs, and other healthcare organizations that provides access to millions of richly characterized biospecimens and patient encounters.

Streamlined order and procurement

Search the iSpecimen Marketplace for oncology samples in inventory or reach out to our biospecimen experts to discuss possible custom collection requirements. We’ll help to streamline specimen procurement–from small to large projects, straight forward to complex, from feasibility to fulfillment.

One contract—hundreds of providers

We manage contracting and compliance processes across all partner sites, giving access to biospecimens collected and managed across hundreds of healthcare organizations around the world with a single contract. With iSpecimen, you can say goodbye to time-consuming, paperwork-heavy, multi-vendor management.

The World is Your Biobank

Expand Your Patient Sets By Tapping Into Our Global Network

Reach beyond restricted or limited patient populations to find the human tissue, blood products, and other biofluid specimens needed to accelerate your research.

Biospecimen Matching For Your Research

You need access to biospecimen samples that mirror your patient population’s genetics and physical attributes. With iSpecimen, you have more opportunities to source specific, diverse samples.


Access the Oncology Specimens You Need For Your Research

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