About iSpecimen

iSpecimen was founded to address a critical challenge: how to efficiently connect life science researchers who need human biospecimens with the billions of specimens available in healthcare organizations worldwide.

Our ground-breaking iSpecimen Marketplace® aids in solving this problem, reinventing the biospecimen procurement process to help accelerate medical discovery.

Researchers Need More High-Quality Biospecimens


of researchers report limiting studies due to insufficient quantities of biospecimens

Research Relies on Finding the Right Biospecimen Match


specimens are estimated to be stored in biobanks around the world


of researchers report limiting studies due to problems with biospecimen quality


clinical specimens are estimated to be discarded worldwide—every year

Meeting a Critical Research Need

We, at iSpecimen, have worked tirelessly to build our provider network and marketplace platform, expanding streamlined access to high-quality specimens to efficiently meet the growing demand for human biospecimens.

Through our innovative iSpecimen Marketplace, we simplify the interaction between researchers and biospecimen providers. For researchers, our platform offers a single, easy-to-use interface and standardized process for accessing a global network of providers to biospecimen requests. For specimen providers, we offer an array of connections to pre-qualified research customers worldwide. Through our network, providers are able to share specimens with researchers for the benefit of science while also generating a steady stream of sustainable revenue.

The World is Your Biobank

This approach has been such a success that we recently took the company public to further accelerate the development of the iSpecimen Marketplace Platform. Moving forward, we plan to expand our global sample provider network and continue to meet the ever-growing researcher need for fresh, highly-specific human biospecimens and data from large and diverse patient pools.

Our vision

Our revolutionary iSpecimen Marketplace allows life science researchers to search for the precise patients and biospecimens they need from our global network of healthcare organizations. Everyone benefits:


Researchers access the specimens they need quickly, efficiently, and compliantly.


Patients have the satisfaction of helping advance medical research.


Healthcare organizations tap into a new source of revenue.

Our History

iSpecimen was founded by pathologists who were constantly asked by scientists to manually search their clinical lab to find samples for research.

Realizing there had to be a better way, they developed the technology and processes at the heart of the iSpecimen Marketplace. We continue to build on this foundation, creating value for all participants.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate biomedical advances by making it easy for researchers to unlock the large volume of human biospecimens hidden in fragmented local healthcare organizations from around the globe.

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