An Open Door To Disease State Biospecimens

Acquire high quality, well-characterized biofluids, tissue samples, and stem and immune cells from virtually any disease state.

We are here to help you drive advancements in future patient health by streamlining the search and transfer of disease state biospecimens from populations around the world.

Through our global network of biospecimen providers, we can tap into clinical departments and surgical groups to get you fresh or frozen samples from patients with a true clinical diagnosis.

The world is your biobank. Tell us what you need.

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Advance the development of vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics for COVID-19 with high quality biospecimens from around the world. Let us know what you need and we’ll handle the logistics, contracts, and compliance.


Get biospecimens for a vast array of autoimmune diseases—hereditary or environmentally triggered. With a global network of providers, iSpecimen has access to donor cohorts that can meet your specifications. Let us help you acquire the disease state biospecimens needed to advance your research.


Simplify your process for obtaining stool samples, whole blood, intestinal tissue or other specimens needed to push your gastrointestinal disease research forward. With our global network, we can source samples for specific patient attributes and particular stages of disease.

Liver Disease

Keep your research moving by leveraging the relationships we have with hepatology teams, surgical groups, and other donors working with patients with liver disease. We’ve got the means to provide frozen liver tissue, fresh biofluids, prospectively collected biospecimens, and more.

Respiratory Disease

Acquire swabbed samples, solid tissue, plasma, and other biospecimen types for a vast array of respiratory diseases. With the size and global reach of our network, we can source the samples from difficult-to-reach populations with particular patient attributes.


Gain access to biospecimens from patients with common to rare solid tumors and hematologic malignancies—untreated or treated. From diseased tissue to matched samples to longitudinal outcomes data, we’ll find it and get it to you—quickly, compliantly, and conveniently.


Obtain serum, plasma, and other biospecimens from diverse patient populations with cardiovascular diseases. With our network of hundreds of biospecimen providers, you can select specimens based on specific attributes such as cardiac markers, medication history, and disease stage.

Central Nervous System

Acquire ethically-collected biospecimens from patients with diseases of the central nervous system. Whether you are looking for frozen serum or prospectively collected CSF with matched whole blood and urine, we’ll make the process simple for you.

Infectious Diseases

Receive biospecimens from donors with confirmed exposure to the infectious diseases you’re investigating. You’ll find that it’s never been easier to get clinically annotated, high quality biospecimens needed to develop infectious disease therapeutics and diagnostics.

Women's Health

Simplify the way you obtain biospecimens from healthy, diseased, or pregnant women by letting us handle the search, contracts, and coordination. We’re streamlining the transfer of biospecimens to help you improve key aspects of women’s health.

Efficiently Procure Biospecimens — It’s Simple, Compliant, and Secure

Join us in bringing efficiency to an industry in need of change. Through a single point of contact, you gain access to biospecimens and de-identified patient data from hundreds of hospitals, biorepositories, commercial laboratories, HIEs, and other healthcare organizations around the world.


An intuitive specimen and patient search, a streamlined ordering workflow, and a single contract providing access to the entire network.


Compliance assured—HIPAA, GDPR, 45CFR46, IRB, material and data use agreements and many other industry standards.


Sophisticated de-identification software, physical, technical, and administrative safeguards, and regular privacy and security audits.

“iSpecimen enabled us to immediately expand our sourcing of tumor types that we did not have a channel for.”

David Deems

President, Cellaria

Custom and Prospective Collection Experts

When you require a custom collection, iSpecimen experts are here to help. We help to ensure that sample matching aligns tightly with your study requirements while also closely managing your projects, from inquiry to fulfillment.