Human Serum & Plasma Samples

iSpecimen provides access to human serum and plasma samples to help advance all types of research.

Finding the Right Serum and Plasma Samples for Your Research

iSpecimen provides access to one of the largest and most diverse inventories for human serum and plasma samples the life sciences industry has to offer. Tap into the power of our global network of hundreds sample providers and target highly diverse patient profiles.

We can help source clinical remnant and banked serum and plasma samples that have been tested for specific infectious diseases or chemistry. Additionally, our suppliers can collect specimens prospectively from patients with certain conditions or medical histories.

Offerings include serum as well as double- and single-spun plasma in a variety of buffers from both healthy and diseased patients.


Finding the Right Serum & Plasma Match for Your Research

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    Access to Testing Data

    Find serum & plasma from diverse patients with various testing histories and test result information to match.

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    Global Provider Network

    Access a global network of sample providers poised to provide normal human serum and plasma and disease-state serum and plasma samples.

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    Tissue Matching Capabilities

    iSpecimen can arrange for matched sample sets of human biospecimens, including biofluids such serum, plasma, and urine, along with fresh, frozen, or fixed tissue.

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    Highly Specific Datasets

    With specific donor criteria and data requirements the norm, we can tailor your projects in order to meet increasingly pressing requirements.

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    Healthy Normals

    In addition to our diseased offerings, researchers can access fresh or frozen serum and plasma from normal healthy donors.

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    Reliable Delivery

    The iSpecimen Marketplace opens the door to many sample and collection options, helping to keep serum and plasma procurement on time and on budget.

Richly Annotated Specimen Data

All serum and plasma samples offered on the iSpecimen Marketplace are deeply annotated and include de-identified patient data such as:

  • Demographics
  • Diagnoses
  • Medications & procedures
  • Outcomes data
  • Clinical lab test results & procedural test results (colonoscopy, mammogram, MRI, etc.)
  • Pathology reports

Sourcing Serum & Plasma in the iSpecimen Marketplace

Varied disease & analyte access

We display extremely specific patient and specimen information, such as medical conditions, tests and test results, processing and storage conditions, country of collection, and much more through the iSpecimen Marketplace.

Rapid turnaround times

Research today often calls for serum or plasma that has been processed within two to four hours of collection. We often can deliver these specimens within hours, depending on proximity to a provider site.

Double-spun plasma

iSpecimen also has access to double-spun plasma. Many researchers prefer plasma that has been processed in this manner because it further separates the platelets and white blood cells that may have remained following the first spin.

Product Collection Specifications

We offer detailed aliquoting information

For remnant collections, we procure a standard of 1 mL of serum and plasma. Outside of remnants, we can customly collect samples any size over 0.25 mL.

Collection & processing tubes

iSpecimen can source banked orders in EDTA, ACD, and LiHep tubes. For custom collections, our customers can request a collection in any tube type.


Access the Serum & Plasma Samples You Need for Your Research

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