Sample Kits & Logistics

At iSpecimen, we work with our research clients to understand their collection requirements in order to create sample kits that maximize consistency throughout the process.

Beyond creating custom sample kits, we also train provider sites on kit use, taking the guesswork out of biospecimen collection and ensuring reliability across all sites.

We track and manage every aspect of kit distribution—from tracking kit expiration dates to meeting specimen shipment requirements.

Our Collaborative Kitting Experience

Kitting experts at iSpecimen work with the client and our expansive network of suppliers to deliver high quality specimens in a timely manner. From kit preparation to clinician training to shipping logistics, we attend to every detail while preserving transparency through consistent communication with our clients.

How does iSpecimen stand out from the rest?


Insourcing kit production

We never outsource the kitting process. In fact, all of our kits are made in-house, meaning we get to communicate with both the collection sites and the customer in order to ensure specimen extraction is done efficiently, accurately, and with the research goal in mind.


Ensuring adherence to collection protocol

Our Supplier Project Coordinator works closely with the customer to understand their specific kitting and collection needs. Once our team gathers the necessary information from the customer, we compose a written collection protocol that translates these requisites into instructions for our suppliers to follow, regarding the exact methods of collection and processing suitable for the types of specimens involved in the study.


Ensuring high quality specimen

In order to help ensure consistent quality of all samples, we provide suppliers with 1:1 training before they begin collecting specimens. In tandem with ongoing site communication, we may conduct a random quality control check to examine sample integrity and consistency.


Handling procurement roadblocks proactively

We manage logistics to guarantee that our suppliers have the quantity of kits they need, when they need them. By streamlining the collection process, we aim to provide customers with their desired specimens as efficiently as possible. Throughout the operation, iSpecimen tracks kit expiration dates and proactively sends replacement kits when necessary.


Supporting cold chain logistics

Whether the customer needs specimens shipped on liquid nitrogen, dry ice, wet ice, or in ambient temperatures, we can provide portable tanks or validated shipping containers to do so. Our logistical expertise helps to ensure that the kits and collected specimens are shipped under appropriate temperature controls.

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