Human Urine Samples

Access fresh and banked human urine samples and data from a diverse, global population of patients and providers.

Streamline Urine Sample Procurement

Whether you’re researching biomarkers in urine, developing diagnostic based assays, or observing drug metabolization, iSpecimen will help you find the best sample match for your research from our vast network of global providers.

Do you have complex specimen requirements? You can confidently source clinical remnant, banked, or prospectively collected human urine samples with deep data sets from our diverse groups of diseased and healthy normal offerings.

Doctor, patient and urine test cup. Physician giving pee container to a woman in clinic or hospital emergency room. Urinary sample for medical exam in hospital. Checkup for infection or salmonella.

The iSpecimen Advantage When Sourcing Human Urine Samples for Research

Our team of experts will help find the best urine specimens to further your research projects.

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    Increased Accessibility & Volume

    iSpecimen is capable of providing highly-specific urine samples, banked or fresh, including in large quantities.

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    Rapid Collection Rate

    Extensive, far-reaching accessibility to urine samples allows our team to source requests efficiently and quickly.

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    Specific Collection Criteria

    From feasibility to fulfillment, we help ensure that all requirements are managed, including shipping temperature, custom aliquoting, and procedural timing.

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    Highly Specific Datasets

    With specific donor criteria and data requirements the norm, we can tailor your projects in order to meet increasingly pressing requirements.

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    Access to Diverse Disease States

    Find urine samples from patients with various cancers, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal issues, and more.

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    Healthy Normal Offerings

    In addition to our disease offerings, researchers can access normal human urine samples from healthy donors.

Finding the Right Urine Specimen Match


Our Unique Urine Sample Offerings

Large sample volumes

iSpecimen is able to provide access to urine samples in very large quantities, allowing researchers to scale their projects and produce more data.

Testing data

Utilizing iSpecimen’s custom collection capabilities, researchers gain access to a wealth of matched specimen data, including detailed testing data and information regarding the medical instruments involved in testing if needed.

Highly-specific shipping conditions

At iSpecimen, we are well versed in specimen shipping and handling procedures. With all urine samples, we help to ensure required packaging in non-metal urine cups at necessary temperatures, including frozen at a temperature of -20 degrees celsius, if specified.

The World is Your Biobank

Expand Your Patient Sets By Tapping Into Our Global Network

Our network spans diverse communities across the globe so you can reach beyond restricted or limited patient groups.

Procuring Biospecimens For Precision Medicine

With iSpecimen you have more opportunities to get diverse samples that meet your exacting criteria and data requirements.


Access the Urine Samples You Need For Your Research

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