Comprehensive Specimen Procurement Services

The traditional approach of sourcing human biospecimens for research from multiple vendors can be a time-consuming and costly process.

iSpecimen changes the paradigm, offering a single source for finding exact specimen matches—format and type, inclusion and exclusion criteria, collection and storage instructions, and shipment requirements.

We simplify biospecimen procurement to help shorten your R&D timelines.

How We Simplify Procurement

The iSpecimen Marketplace® streamlines specimen procurement by connecting researchers to the patients and specimens they desperately need. These specimens may include remnant clinical or pathology samples, banked research samples, and prospective or custom research collections. Search by specimen type, disease state, patient demographics, laboratory tests and results, pathology data, and more.

Here are four ways the iSpecimen Marketplace streamlines bioprocurement:


Extensive access to banked biospecimens

iSpecimen supplies human tissue samples, biofluids, and hematopoietic cells from our vast, global network of healthcare partners, doing so through one centralized marketplace platform. Access millions of banked research specimens, archived pathology samples, and remnant clinical lab samples.


Custom specimen collections

When banked or clinical samples are not a match, iSpecimen can collect samples using your custom collection protocol. We match your specimen requirements to the ideal collection site to meet your needs, considering factors such as geographic location, patient populations, and legal requirements. If necessary, we can recruit new providers with access to the necessary patients and samples.


Collection consistency and confidence

iSpecimen goes above and beyond with sample provider training to help ensure that banked and prospectively collected specimens strictly adhere to your study protocols. For custom collections, we offer kitting development and management services as well as specimen processing services.


Single point of compliance and contracting

iSpecimen simplifies compliance and contracting by managing these complex processes across our sample provider network. We ensure all research samples are collected under approved IRB/IEC protocols with informed consent and all clinical remnant samples are collected with informed consent, waiver of consent, or under a Non-Human Subject Research determination.