Validation Testing Kits

Sourcing Patient Samples and Custom Kits for Validation Studies

Whether you are validating point-of-care tests, at-home testing kits, or helping to onboard new instrument systems, finding diagnostic samples for clinical validation studies does not have to be a major hurdle to launch readiness.
Through iSpecimen and our extensive global network of providers, you gain access to high-quality diagnostic remnant swabs and saliva with diagnostic data or kits containing carefully assembled collections of clinically-characterized samples. You can also work with us to set up a custom prospective collection following your protocol, including use of your proprietary swabs and kits.


The iSpecimen Advantage When Sourcing Samples for IVD Testing

Our revolutionary Marketplace helps you find the right patient samples, datasets, and validation testing kits to support your launch.

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    STDs & Respiratory Infections

    Swabs and urine samples, with diagnostic data, help to support IVD companies and accelerate their go-to-market timelines.

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    Highly Specific Datasets

    With specific donor criteria and data requirements the norm, we can tailor your projects to meet increasingly pressing requirements.

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    Diverse Patient Populations

    Tap into our global network to access a wide range of patient populations, offering diversity that much of today’s medical research requires.

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    Large Specimen Inventory

    With hundreds of global providers in our network, you can access an extensive, collective inventory of diagnostic remnant samples.

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    Hundreds of Providers, A Single Platform

    We simplify your procurement process by enabling access to hundreds of sample providers globally, all under one contract.

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    Custom Collections

    If diagnostic remnant samples are not the right match for your research, we can arrange a custom collection for you.

Customized Sample Kits to Meet Your Requirements

At iSpecimen, we work with our research clients to understand their custom kit requirements and provide streamlined processes for building and shipping to respective testing sites.

  • Select diagnostic remnant samples
  • Pre-assembled kits, optional
  • Set up custom collection if needed
  • Single access point for customer orders
lab technician using automatic pipette dropping specimen to test kit, for testing diagnostic.

A New, Efficient Way of Sourcing Samples for Validation Studies

Intuitive specimen search

Through a single interface on the iSpecimen Marketplace®, you can tap into our large and growing network of hospitals, biorepositories, practice groups, commercial laboratories, HIEs, and other healthcare organizations that provide access to millions of richly characterized biospecimens and patient encounters.

Streamlined ordering and procurement

Search the iSpecimen Marketplace for diagnostic remnant samples or reach out to our biospecimen experts to discuss possible custom collection requirements. We’ll help to streamline specimen procurement–from small to large projects, straight forward to complex, from feasibility to fulfillment.

One contract—hundreds of providers

We manage contracting and compliance processes across all partner sites, giving access to biospecimens collected and managed across hundreds of healthcare organizations around the world with a single contract. With iSpecimen, you can say goodbye to time-consuming, paperwork-heavy, multi-vendor management.

The World is Your Biobank

Expand Your Patient Sets By Tapping Into Our Global Network

Reach beyond restricted or limited patient populations to find the human tissue, blood products, and other biofluid specimens needed to accelerate your research.

Biospecimen Matching For Your Research

You need access to biospecimen samples that mirror your patient population’s genetics and physical attributes. With iSpecimen, you have more opportunities to source specific, diverse samples


Access Patient Samples for Your Validation Studies

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