Biospecimen Services

Through iSpecimen’s expansive network of lab partners, we offer a variety of biospecimen services to compliment our standard lab capabilities.

From clinical lab and biospecimen services to pathology and quality control processes, our team of experts match your research project to the optimal lab partner in our network to fulfill your specific needs.

With your project goal in mind, iSpecimen aligns access to highly specific specimen processing services.

Access to Exacting Biospecimen Services

We utilize our network of laboratory partners to combine our highly-specific biospecimen services with our unique specimen processing offerings. With a focus on clinical lab and pathology lab services, we can obtain both clinical data and information regarding site-specific collection procedures and offerings.

Clinical & Pathology Lab Services


Centrifugation Capabilities & Custom Aliquoting

If your research requires a specific centrifugation procedure, iSpecimen works with our lab partners to help ensure your human blood products are spun at the correct speed, for the correct duration of time, and in your customized tube. Similarly, our partners can supply aliquots of various biofluids with precise volume measurements.


Specimen Testing

Our team works with lab testing partners to process samples through a variety of tests. Our testing capabilities include PBMC isolation and sequencing, genomic biomarker discovery, assay development, and assay validation.


Creating Slides & Cutting Curls

As part of our pathology lab services, we offer access to several specimen processing techniques such as cutting FFPE tissue section ‘curls’ for your study or supplying stained and unstained slides of various samples.


Quality Control

Using our broad network of lab partners, we are able to perform quality control processes on specimens that we help source for researchers. These processes can determine information such as percentage of tumor cells in a sample or percentage of necrosis in a sample.