DNA and RNA Sequenced Cancer Tissue

Your On-Demand Source for Mutation Characterized Tumor Tissue using DNA and RNA Sequencing

Access pre-screened cancer tumor tissue samples, characterized by next-generation DNA and RNA sequencing, when your research requires specific fusion, non-fusion mutations as well as wild types.

We know how difficult it is to amass cohorts and comb through medical records to find testing results in preparation for genetic sequencing, not to mention the large number of samples it can take to find the specific mutations you’re looking for. iSpecimen solves this problem by providing researchers with high-quality, pre-screened tumor tissue for immediate availability.

FFPE Cancer Tumor Tissue is being sequenced on the Illumina Ampliseq Comprehensive Cancer Panel v3, screening for more than 160 mutations. Using Illumina's sequencing-by-synthesis technology, there is panel content on hotspot regions, full-length genes, copy number genes, and inter- and intragenic gene fusions.

AVAILABLE NOW: Fusion, non-fusion mutations and Wild Types, multiple cancer tumor types.

Cancers and Formats in our Sequencing Queue

  • Colon
  • Breast
  • Liver
  • Pancreatic
  • Renal
  • Brain
  • Ovarian
  • Gastric
  • Melanoma
  • Bladder
  • Prostate cancers

In addition to FFPE tumor tissue, (serum, plasma, flash frozen tissue, viably frozen tissue and Dissociated Tumor Cells (DTCs) will also be offered moving forward.

Place your requests today and the iSpecimen Team will provide a quote within 24 hours. Upon ordering, samples can be shipped immediately.


The iSpecimen Advantage When Sourcing NGS Tumor Tissue

Discover our inventory of genetically sequenced FFPE tissue for increased value in immuno-oncology research, companion diagnostic development, and sequencing panel validation.

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    Quality and Compliance You Can Trust

    Across our entire network, mutation screened FFPE tissue specimens are collected under IRB-approved protocols with processes to help ensure consistency and quality.

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    Pre-Screened for Immediate Availability

    Accelerate access and reduce risk, expense and timelines by sourcing pre-screened, on-demand mutation characterized tumor tissue.

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    Extensive Gene Panel

    Tissue is sequenced on the Illumina Ampliseq Comprehensive Cancer Panel v3, screening for more than 160 mutations.

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    DNA & RNA Screening

    Our extensive approach includes screening for DNA & RNA fusions as well as Wild Types.

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    Preorder Samples

    By contacting our team in advance, research clients can reserve their desired mutations prior to runs being completed.

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    Reduced Risk

    With iSpecimen, we can incorporate your request into one of our preexisting runs, assuming the risk so you do not have to.

Finding the Right Genetic Mutation for Your Research


Key Advantages of Using Sequenced Tumor Tissue Blocks

Mutation characterized FFPE blocks can alleviate significant procurement challenges in that they are typically:

More Affordable with Less Risk

Benefit from Tremendous Value

iSpecimen is constantly building larger patient cohorts and broad genetic runs, allowing us to assume the responsibility of managing, purchasing, contracting, acquiring, and sequencing the samples, so your organization does not have to.

Derived from High Quality Donors

Benefit from Our Custom Donor Profiles

Donors were selected for the highest quality, using data from our Marketplace platform and the Cancer Genome Atlas to create profiles of specific stages and histological types more likely than not to present higher rates of mutations.

Available for Preorder

Get First-Right-of-Refusal

By contacting us prior to the sequencing run, a customer may reserve their desired FFPE blocks for first-right-of-refusal. As soon as the block is sequenced, the sample—and the data accompanying that sample—become yours.

More Recently Collected

Gain Access to a Modern Patient Cohort

The majority of the samples in our inventory have been collected in 2022 and the maximum sample age is 15 years old, allowing our clients to feel confident that their research is valid and representative of a modern patient population.

A New, Efficient Way of Finding FFPE Blocks Needed for Research

Streamlined ordering and procurement

Search the iSpecimen Marketplace® for FFPE tumor tissue blocks in inventory, or tell our biospecimen experts what you need directly. We’ll help to streamline specimen procurement—from small to large projects, straight forward to complex, from feasibility to fulfillment.

Sustained growth of our sequencing initiative

iSpecimen intends to increase the volume of FFPEs and cancer types based on your specific requests. With the goal of sequencing 10,000 blocks in the year 2024, we plan to save our customers even more money, time, and risk.

Specific Shipping & Handling Considerations

Our team of experts understand that FFPE blocks demand a specific shipping environment. FFPE samples are shipped at an ambient temperature of 70°F to prevent the paraffin wax from freezing or melting; use of proprietary media can also help optimize the preservation process.


Understanding acceptable levels of patient consent

All FFPE tumor tissue blocks in our inventory have been collected according to regulatory standards and best-practice guidelines.


The World is Your Biobank

Expand Your Patient Sets By Tapping Into Our Global Network

Reach beyond restricted or limited patient populations to find the FFPE blocks, other tissue, blood, and other biofluid specimens needed to accelerate your research.

Biospecimen Matching For Your Research

You need access to biospecimen samples that mirror your target patient population’s attributes. With iSpecimen, you have more opportunities to source specific, diverse samples.


Request a Quote for Mutation Characterized FFPE Tissue Blocks Today

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