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Sourcing human tissue, biofluids, and hematopoietic cells is rarely a straight forward process. The common approach of cobbling together human biospecimens for research from multiple vendors can be a time-consuming and costly step in a researcher’s path to medical discovery. With iSpecimen, finding an exact specimen match based on format and type, as well as inclusion and exclusion criteria, collection instructions, and storage and shipment requirements is no longer a daunting task. iSpecimen streamlines specimen procurement so you can focus on your research instead.

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How do we streamline and simplify specimen procurement?

The iSpecimen Marketplace streamlines the entire procurement process, from searching for patient and specimen matches to placing requests for specimens, tracking orders and shipments, accessing and viewing annotation data, and even reviewing invoices for received items.

We do the legwork, you benefit from:

two test tubes containing procured specimen biofluids

Extensive access to biospecimens

iSpecimen supplies human tissue samples, biofluids, and hematopoietic cells from our vast network of global healthcare partners, allowing for simplified procurement through one centralized marketplace platform. This means increased access to millions of banked specimens, archived pathology samples, and partner sites that can prospectively collect samples using their standard collection protocols.

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Added assurance with a custom specimen collection

If your needs fall outside traditional specimen collection procedures, we can create a custom collection protocol to fulfill your specimen collection requirements. We match your specimen requirements to our vast network of collection sites and select the best sites based upon your project needs such as geographic location, available patient populations, and compliance and legal requirements. If your project’s requirements fall outside of our existing sites’ capabilities, we are able to recruit sites and offer contracting services based upon your needs.

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Consistency and confidence in specimen collection

iSpecimen goes above and beyond with partner and collection site training to ensure that all custom collections are sourced in accordance with your precise requirements. Additionally, we offer kitting and specimen processing services and manage all site compliance and contracting for all custom collections. iSpecimen customers can gain access to over one hundred supplier sites with one point of contract for simple compliance management and consistency.

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Our biospecimen procurement platform

iSpecimen is revolutionizing biospecimen procurement through our innovative marketplace platform – the iSpecimen Marketplace – together with the collective strength of our global healthcare partner network. Founded to address the critical challenges unique to biospecimen research and procurement, the iSpecimen Marketplace makes specimen procurement easier by connecting researchers to the patients and specimens they desperately need as well as enabling advanced searches, such as by specimen type, disease state, demographics, medications, and medical procedures.

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Single point of compliance and contracting

iSpecimen simplifies compliance and contracting by managing both processes across our healthcare partner network. With compliance in mind, we ensure that all research samples are collected under approved IRB/IEC protocols with informed consent and all clinical remnant samples are collected with informed consent, waiver of consent, or under a Non-Human Subject Research determination. Since we manage specimen procurement contracts with all our partner sites, our customers receive access to more than a hundred healthcare organizations with a single contract.

The iSpecimen Marketplace

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