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HUMAN Tissue Specimens

iSpecimen is your source for all types of human tissues samples from both healthy patients and those with medical conditions. Because we have access to the full electronic medical record, we can select and annotate specimens with molecular and genetic characterizations, treatment data, outcomes data, and other pertinent patient and specimen data.

Human tissue samples are also available to researchers in matched sets of tumor tissue, normal adjacent tissue and longitudinal collections from the same patient.

We also source biofluids and hematopoietic stem and immune cell products.

Tissue Samples To help Meet Your Precise Needs

The iSpecimen Marketplace™ is your one-stop source for all types of tissue samples, including matched sets of solid tissue, in a variety of formats.

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Tissue Sourcing Options

  • Research samples
  • Sample collections


  • Malignant tumor
  • Benign tumor
  • Normal adjacent
  • Other-diseased
  • Non-diseased


  • Fresh, frozen, or fixed tissue
  • Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) blocks
    including archived FFPE blocks
  • Stained or unstained slides
  • Tissue microarrays (TMA)

Custom Collection Services

We offer a range of services for custom, prospective collections, including site selection and training, custom kitting, sample collection and processing, and compliance management. For a full list of custom collection services, download our data sheet.

Recent Tissue Projects and Collections

Here are some recent examples of tissue specimens provided to researchers.

Banked FFPE

  • NSCLC blocks or unstained slides: 500+ cases including resections and core needle biopsies; primary and metastatic lesions, known eGFR status, >20% tumor content
  • Colorectal cancer MSI-H: 50 cases of CRC including 12-25 cases MSI-H; tumor blocks with matched normal adjacent tissue
  • Kidney FFPE blocks: 20 cases – 10 from patients with diabetic nephropathy and 10 from patients with hypertensive nephropathy; pathologic diagnosis and disease stage required
  • Solid tumored blocks or slides from patients on approved immunotherapies: 6 cancer types – 60 samples each (total 360 cases); NSCLC, bladder, kidney, head & neck, melanoma, TNBC

Banked Frozen Tissue

  • Normal tissue: frozen normal tissue from CNS, liver, adrenal, kidney, GI, bladder; 500+ cases; large volumes per sample, if possible; collection date 2013 or after
  • Pancreatic cancer: frozen tissue 9 cases, with tumor >50%, 1gm tissue each; copy of redacted path report
  • Soft tissue tumors of various types, Stage II or III: frozen tissue 500+ cases, >30% tumor; large volumes per sample, collection date 2014 or after

Prospectively Collected Fresh Tissue

  • Ovarian cancer: fresh tissue and peritoneal fluid 30+ cases with ≥200mg tissue; ischemic time <60 min) with peritoneal fluid (500-1000cc)
  • Multiple tumor sites, fresh tissue: 10 each from carcinoma of breast, lung, kidney, GI, ovarian, and melanoma; 100-200mg each, <60 min ischemic time
  • Invasive breast cancer, HER2+ preferred, advanced stage: fresh tissue and blood 15 samples with matching blood; cores (3-4) or resection (3mm punch), LN mets acceptable
  • Lung adenocarcinoma, stage 3 or 4, treatment naive, fresh tissue: 30 cases, combinations of smokers and non-smokers, male and female, Asian and Caucasian