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Researcher In Action

By simplifying the process of obtaining biospecimens for research, the iSpecimen Marketplace is making a difference in many areas of discovery—from biomarker identification and immunotherapy to device validation and in-vivo cancer models. Here are just a few examples of how we’ve already helped researchers.

biofluids specimen samples

Procuring Highly Specialized Samples

A biotechnology company developing new cancer therapies needed tissue samples from patients treated with checkpoint inhibitors. Through iSpecimen, they were able to rapidly procure frozen cancerous tissue, corresponding normal adjacent tissue, and matched sets of plasma and peripheral blood mononuclear cells from the specified patients.

Delivering fresh specimens in hours

Delivering Fresh Specimens within Hours

An in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) company validating the accuracy and precision of hematology tests needed fresh whole blood samples. iSpecimen met the challenge, providing the company with blood samples within hours of being drawn from participating patients. Over a three-month period, iSpecimen delivered nearly 10,000 samples of fresh blood.

biofluids samples for specimen fulfillment

Managing a Prospective Collection Project

Researchers working to develop a revolutionary “liquid biopsy” test for colon cancer screening needed blood samples from more than 1,000 patients undergoing colonoscopies. iSpecimen took on the challenge, from IRB protocol development, to site recruitment and management, to specimen fulfillment.

Specimen samples for clinical trials

Accelerating a Clinical Trial

For a clinical trial of a new pregnancy test, an IVD company needed blood specimens from women using a range of collection methods—including fingerstick self-testing and venipuncture blood draws. iSpecimen’s IRB specimen collection protocols, already in place with its healthcare provider partners, offered a quick start to the project and saved the IVD company time and money.