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Partners In Action

By connecting biospecimen contributors with researchers who need their specimens, the iSpecimen Marketplace is creating rewarding new opportunities for healthcare organizations, including hospitals, commercial labs, biorepositories, clinical trial sites, blood centers, and health information exchanges. Here are some examples of organizations that are already benefitting from their iSpecimen partnership.

Expanding a Biobank's Reach

Expanding a Biobank’s Reach

An academically affiliated biobank in Florida built a cutting-edge facility that provides more than 18,000 high-quality biospecimens, biospecimen processing services, and state-of-the-art specimen storage to serve medical researchers. The iSpecimen Marketplace has enabled the biobank to extend its reach nationally and globally, providing samples to a far greater number of researchers than it could on its own.

Building a Specimen Supply Program

Building a Specimen Supply Program

iSpecimen worked with a private, nonprofit, level II trauma center and community academic hospital in Connecticut to help start a specimens-for-research program. Beginning with clinical remnants, the program later expanded to include prospective research collections from its oncology clinic. Not only is the hospital enabling their patients to participate in research, but they are gaining valuable research accreditation points for their oncology program.

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A New Commercial Market

New Mexico’s largest commercial reference lab maintains a state-of-the-art biorepository and 50+ collection sites where patients may consent to participate in prospective research collections. As a member of the iSpecimen Partner Network, the lab is finding a ready market for samples collected specifically for research as well as their clinical remnants.

Finding Value in HIE Data

Finding Value in HIE Data

The nation’s first statewide health information exchange (HIE) holds a wealth of healthcare data for more than two million patients across Delaware. iSpecimen helps leverage the value of this information beyond the point of care. The iSpecimen platform monitors the massive data set and identifies when clinical specimens at participating hospitals meet a researcher’s request, turning biological waste into valuable research material.