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Each year, healthcare organizations discard leftover biofluids, solid tissue, and cells after clinical testing. Many also have amassed large collections of samples that are hidden away in biobanks. And all have access to philanthropic patients willing to give samples just to help research. But most of these valuable biospecimens never make it into the hands of researchers who need them. Our revolutionary iSpecimen Marketplace changes this, connecting you with researchers who need access to your patients or specimens—and providing your institution with a sustainable revenue source.

Generate Revenue

Generate Sustainable Revenue

As a member of the iSpecimen Partner Network, you’re instantly connected to our pre-qualified research customers worldwide. Enjoy a steady stream of revenue from your remnant or collected-for-research samples, whether banked or prospectively collected. There’s no cost to join!

Advance Medical Discovery

Advance Medical Discovery

Support the discovery of new diagnostics and treatments beyond the walls of your institution. Everybody wins—your organization, medical researchers, and the patients whose lives will be saved or enhanced.

Contribute Compliantly

Ensure Compliance

The iSpecimen platform manages compliance at every step, ensuring your patients’ privacy is protected and only qualified researchers have access to your specimens. No protected health information (PHI) ever leaves your custody.

Contribute in Three Easy Steps

Joining the iSpecimen Partner Network and contributing biospecimens is extremely simple:

  • Request

    an introductory meeting to learn more. Request a meeting

  • Sign

    our partner agreement and complete our supplier audit.

  • Provide

    your data to iSpecimen—we’ll do all the work to connect it to the Marketplace.