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iSpecimen Marketplace

The iSpecimen Marketplace is an Amazon-like platform that connects life science researchers who need biospecimens with patients and samples at healthcare providers who have them. All participants benefit: Researchers enjoy fast, efficient, compliant specimen procurement; healthcare providers gain new sources of revenue; and patients gain the satisfaction of contributing to medical discovery.

The Problem

The Problem: Biospecimen Procurement is Difficult and Inefficient

  • Researchers and biospecimen providers are disconnected and cannot easily find each other.
  • Managing contracting, compliance, and orders across many organizations is complex and risky.
  • Finding precise specimen and patient matches is difficult and time-consuming.
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The Solution: The iSpecimen Marketplace

The iSpecimen Marketplace reinvents the inefficient process of biospecimen procurement. It provides:

  • Access to millions of biospecimens, patients and data across a global network of healthcare providers
  • Single point of compliance, contracting and order management
  • Instant online search and selection of samples that meet precise research criteria
Benefits for Researchers

Benefits for Researchers

  • Reduces costs of specimen procurement
  • Accelerates time to discovery
  • Reduces compliance and contracting risks

Benefits for Healthcare Organizations

  • Generates much-needed revenue
  • Helps advance medical research
  • Advances research mission and desires of philanthropic patients