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The Path to R&D Productivity Starts Here

July 12, 2018

Medical breakthroughs are the ultimate purpose of a research organization. Helping make them more achievable, abundant and frequent  is ours.

Traditionally, access to biospecimens for research has been a limiting factor in these breakthroughs. Today, however, finding and procuring the biospecimens required by your research –  from even the hardest-to-find patients of interest – is a mere click away. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

For example, our iSpecimen Marketplace makes it easy for researchers to find the specimens they need from the patients they want with real-time access to more than 25 million banked and prospectively collected specimens, including biofluids, solid tissue and cells.

Streamlining research procurement

So how can we make life for research organizations easier still?

We just have, by combining procurement for biospecimens and procurement of the research function in the same digital marketplace.

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Consider a pharmaceutical research organization that wants to outsource a research project to a leading university. The research project will entail human biospecimens, e.g., cancerous tissue and associated data. To make things simple, the life science organization can now order the biospecimens for the research project at the same time that it orders the research itself from the university.

It happens, for example, on Science Exchange, a marketplace for outsourced R&D. A life sciences organization can procure both research services and specimens from the same integrated interface. That’s because iSpecimen has partnered with Science Exchange and embedded our functionality in their Science Exchange interface:

It’s a lot like what airlines do: When you reserve a flight, you can add a rental car and book a hotel room in one consolidated transaction.

We detailed this synthesized solution atthe recent ProcureCon Europe Pharma Conference in Switzerland. We enjoy a similar, equally powerful integration with research provider’s marketplace.

In either case, we call the combined marketplace experience a “double punch out.” That’s a procurement term meaning:

  • As a user, you have a single interface through which you can experience both Science Exchange or and the iSpecimen Marketplace.
  • You have a single shopping cart for both the research services you purchase through our partner and the biospecimens you wish to purchase through iSpecimen.
  • The integration goes much deeper than the user interface level. Double punch-out relieves the buyer of administrative burdens including:
  • Contract establishment and management. The legal and compliance infrastructure in place for Science Exchange enables a one-to-many relationship where a single contract with Science Exchange enables compliant access to all services and products on the platform, including compliance that iSpecimen ensures across its broad network of supply partners.
  • Compliance assurance and management. Researchers have instant access to compliance documentation on a per-specimen basis, assuring them that their requested samples were ethically sourced with appropriate regulatory oversight.
  • Complexity. It’s easy and intuitive to tailor your order to reflect your unique research and specimen needs.
  • Expediency. With the integrated marketplace, you experience real-time order and data management.

Combining search, order, compliance documentation and procurement is just one way we make life easier for life sciences companies. Our partners make it possible.

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