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Fresh blood samples from clinic to out-of-state lab. Every day, in a two-hour window.

September 14, 2018

Blood drawing

September Specimen Spotlight

There are two ways for research organizations to procure human biospecimens, broadly speaking:

  • Order them from existing inventories.
  • Have them collected explicitly for the task at hand.

We offer both. Although our iSpecimen Marketplace is optimized for procurement from existing inventories around the world, we often arrange prospective custom collection of new biospecimens with unique requirements.

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The blood must be fresh upon delivery

For one of our customers, we orchestrate the rapid interstate delivery of blood samples daily from a Watertown, Mass., clinical site to a lab in New Hampshire. Since it’s absolutely critical for the lab to receive freshly drawn blood for their study, we courier about 60 blood samples within a two-hour window of collection from consenting patients.

You may have read about how we have also delivered fresh stool samples for another customer, also within a same two-hour window.

Vast biospecimen supplier network makes it possible

We are one of a very few organizations that can execute a project like this. That’s because we have worked diligently to create a vast network of specimen suppliers – including hospitals, labs, biobanks, blood centers and other healthcare organizations – that can collectively help to execute even the most demanding custom requests.

Time and money savings for the client

Some research organizations try to build procurement chains themselves. In most cases, ours are already built, saving our clients thousands of dollars and potentially years of work by activating our existing supply chain for their needs. When necessary, we can invoke our contacts and experience to build a new supply chain quickly and efficiently.

No room for imprecision

The advent of precision medicine means research can no longer be imprecise. Whether you need highly specific samples from biorepositories or fresh samples collected on the fly, we can help. Visit the iSpecimen Marketplace. See what’s available in previously collected human tissue, biofluids or cells, or click on the “Custom Collection” button and tell us exactly what you need.

We either have it or will find it.

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