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In an Image of Vials, HIV Researchers see Inspiration and Promise

July 31, 2015

Blood Sample in Test Tube

The infectious disease research world was given a shock of excitement with the news that a French teenager infected at birth with HIV has been able to remain in ‘remission’ for the past 12 years. Aside from being beyond happy for this patient, the news caught our attention due to the images that CNN and other outlets provided to support the story.

For many of us who are not researchers, common images such as a scrumptious piece of cake or a luxury car evoke feelings of pleasure, desire, and interest. However, the iconography of these vials – which likely mean little to the average person – might create the same wonderment in researchers, because the images represent the promise that their work, or the work of their colleagues, could help current and future generations of patients.

Below is an important infographic that we thought we’d include to help keep us aware and impassioned about the need for and promise of HIV/AIDS research.

AIDS Vaccines by the Numbers: Trials, Discovery, Money and More (Source: Warren Tong,

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