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Five questions with Eric Langlois

September 5, 2019

Eric Langlois, Senior VP of Business Development

Eric is iSpecimen’s senior vice president of sales and business development.

What is your typical day like, Eric?

Can I say, “Crazy”? Like Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Typically, I have a number of follow-up calls, meetings, and project drafts to take care of in addition to team check-ins. However, each day usually includes a bunch of new inquiries from the clients I manage, and response time is key. We are also presently hiring for my team, so that requires some time as well.

What kinds of frustrations have researchers and research organizations been experiencing in their typical procurement process?

Before discovering the iSpecimen Marketplace, researchers will vent frustration around just finding samples or knowledgeable people to help them. Sometimes tight timelines are the issue, other times it is price/budget. The common theme seems to be a lack of single-source, all-in-one access to samples and data. This is the theme iSpecimen is trying to turn on its head.

Are you seeing any emerging trends in specimen demand, say, for particular specimen types or characteristics? Or for any particular research area?

The trend over the last few years has certainly been precision. Researchers want mutation-characterized samples, more metadata, outcomes, and tighter inclusion. This is in line with the goal of precision medicine. Other trends include larger volumes of fluid, more viable sample types (fresh tissue, hematopoietic and immune cells), and more matched sets of samples. A much higher percentage of projects these days leans towards custom collection because of these trends above.

Do you have an example of how the iSpecimen Marketplace has saved a research organization time and money?

We have several such examples. Obviously, I have to limit specifics, but we have clients who presently go on the platform, search and ID samples, submit a quote request, receive a quote, and submit a PO that same day. This flow, when researcher requirements match up to samples on the Marketplace, clearly saves organizations time and money. How often can you go from request to order to fulfillment in the same business day? I would also like to think our general efficiency and competitive pricing saves clients time and money every day.

What do you do like to do outside of work?

I am very much a family man with a blended group of four kids ages 15, 12, 10, and almost 2. So their activities and sports keep me very busy outside of work. When I do have time, I like to play soccer, golf, and snowboard, among other things. I am also a bit of a nerd, so I love movies, music, comedy, and sports. Every chance we get, I also like to travel with my wife and experience new places, people, and things. Can’t forget to mention a good bourbon as well.

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