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iSpecimen® introduces full range of fresh primary viable cells

for life science and cell therapy researchers


Primary cells from bone marrow and peripheral blood

 are shipped within hours of collection


LEXINGTON, MA, Jan. 23, 2019 – Addressing the needs of leading life science and cell therapy researchers, iSpecimen today significantly enhanced its human biospecimen offerings with the addition of fresh primary hematopoietic cells, affirming the iSpecimen Marketplace as one of the most complete and comprehensive sources of human biospecimens for research.

With this major expansion of its already broad-based and industry-leading supplier network, the iSpecimen Marketplace now offers a full selection of primary human hematopoietic cells from bone marrow and peripheral (circulating) blood, including large-volume leukopheresis collections. These cells are useful across a wide range of research and development applications, and essential to the discovery, validation, and development of new immunotherapies, cellular therapies, vaccines, and other drugs and diagnostic assays.

“Viable primary hematopoietic cells are essential to some of the most promising and exciting work that researchers and life science organizations are doing today,” said iSpecimen Founder and CEO Christopher Ianelli, MD, PhD. “It’s important for our community to have ready access to the broadest and highest-quality selection of these important biospecimens as part of a comprehensive marketplace for all their needs.”

As part of its newest product line, iSpecimen offers prospectively collected mobilized and non-mobilized leukopheresis collections, unprocessed bone marrow, and whole blood from consented, healthy adult participants under IRB-approved collection protocols. All collections are performed at FDA-registered collection sites in the United States.

Researchers can specify donor criteria, including age, gender, ethnicity, height, weight, BMI, and other criteria. Samples can also be sourced based on HLA type, ABO blood type, and CMV status. Longitudinal collections from repeat donors are also available.

In addition to large volume hematopoietic cell collections from healthy donors, the company also offers a wide range of fresh collections of biofluids and tissuefrom healthy and disease-state patients visiting providers in its global healthcare partner network, as well as cryopreserved specimens that are currently stored at partner biobanks sites around the world.

Ordering biospecimens is convenient via the iSpecimen Marketplace (registration is simple and free). Login or to sign up as a new user today.

About iSpecimen

Headquartered in Lexington, MA, iSpecimen is the marketplace for human biospecimens, providing researchers with the specimens they need from the patients they want. The privately held company has developed the iSpecimen Marketplace, an online platform connecting healthcare organizations that have access to patients and specimens with the scientists who need them. Proprietary, cloud-based technology enables researchers to intuitively search for specimens and patients across a federated partner network of hospitals, labs, biobanks, blood centers, and other healthcare organizations. Researchers easily and compliantly gain access to specimens to drive scientific discovery. Partner sites gain an opportunity to contribute to biomedical discovery as well as their bottom line. Ultimately, healthcare advances for all. For more information about iSpecimen, please visit