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LEXINGTON, Mass. Jan. — iSpecimen®, a provider of on-demand human biospecimens to the life science community, announced today the deployment of the industry’s first federated specimen management system that greatly accelerates the pace at which scientists can obtain biospecimens for their research. The company’s Specimen Management System enables iSpecimen to deliver human biospecimens to the academic, diagnostic and pharmaceutical research community faster and with more consistent quality than traditional manual selection processes. The company also announced the availability of clinical specimen remnants – such as plasma, serum and urine – using this pioneering technology.


“In today’s world of personalized medicine, researchers struggle to procure biospecimens from trusted sources.  Often, they have to cobble together specimens and data from dozens of sources just to find enough specimens for their studies,” said Christopher Ianelli, M.D., Ph.D., founder and CEO of iSpecimen. “The combination of iSpecimen’s pioneering Specimen Management System along with our robust network of clinical laboratory partners provides researchers with a steady supply of high-quality, annotated biospecimens.”


iSpecimen collaborates with hospitals and commercial laboratories throughout the United States to gain access to their clinical remnant specimens in order to make them available to researchers. Prior to the deployment of its technology, matching researchers’ requirements to available specimens and associated data was a manual, time-consuming, and often error-prone process. Additionally, federating a request for specimens across multiple laboratories to gain the efficiencies from a broader patient population and larger number of specimens was nearly impossible to manage.  iSpecimen’s Specimen Management System automates the process of specimen selection, handling and annotation across its broad network of laboratories to make it fast and easy for scientists to find the precise specimens they need for their research programs.


“By using our technology to prospectively collect clinical remnants and annotating them with data directly accessed from a laboratory’s information system, we greatly speed up specimen collection and reduce the errors that occur with manual specimen selection processes,” added Ianelli.  “We not only provide our customers with fast access to millions of specimens, but we also create highly customized collections based upon our clients’ precise research needs.”


About iSpecimen

iSpecimen, a privately held company, provides life scientists with a rich source of high-quality human biospecimens for their research and development programs. The company’s pioneering technology allows it to search through millions of patient specimens flowing through its partner network of clinical laboratories each year to find biospecimens based on associated laboratory and medical record data. These samples, most of which would otherwise be discarded after clinical testing, exactly match patient cohort criteria and provide a steady supply of richly-annotated human biospecimens for a variety of basic and translational research. For more information about iSpecimen, please visit