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LEXINGTON, Mass., May 29 — iSpecimen®, a provider of on-demand human specimens to the life science community, announced today the formation of the iSpecimen Partner Program. This turnkey program includes technology to automate the selection, annotation and management of laboratory discards; access to iSpecimen’s sales and marketing channel; compliance support; and laboratory SOPs to facilitate the disposition of clinical waste into medical research.


“In the short time that iSpecimen has been providing human specimens to the research community, we have seen a significant demand for high quality, annotated specimens,” said Christopher Ianelli, MD, PhD, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of iSpecimen.  “The formation of the iSpecimen Partnership Program for hospitals, commercial labs and other healthcare facilities will allow us to more quickly access this virtually unlimited supply of human biospecimens and get them into the hands of medical researchers who desperately need them.”


iSpecimen partners with hospitals, commercial laboratories and other healthcare organizations throughout the United States to gain access to their clinical remnant specimens in order to make them available to researchers on demand. The iSpecimen Partner Program is a turnkey program designed to address the needs of the diverse population of stakeholders within a healthcare system, from laboratory operations to IT to compliance to administration.  The program includes all the technology and know-how to compliantly repurpose clinical specimens into research.  In addition, the program includes iSpecimen’s sales and marketing expertise to make a connection between researchers’ needs and partners’ specimens.


“In exchange for participating in the iSpecimen Partner Program, healthcare facilities not only advance medical research in the broader community but also bring in much needed revenue to help advance their own patient care,” added Ianelli.  “Additionally, for those institutions that have their own research programs, our technology helps internal researchers more easily access remnant specimens for their own use.”


iSpecimen‘s proprietary technology watches millions of human biospecimens flowing through its partners’ clinical laboratories along with associated medical record data and identifies samples that exactly match its customers’ research criteria such as patient demographics, diagnoses and test results. When a match is made, the technology directs laboratory personnel to pick, pack and ship selected specimens and associated data to iSpecimen or its customers.


The company’s technology consists of a de-identified clinical data repository along with advanced specimen management capabilities.  It automates specimen selection, annotation and logistics at the company’s partner laboratories while also managing all aspects of compliance including privacy (such as medical record de-identification) and research regulations.   Laboratories that partner with iSpecimen and use its technology are assured that specimens are delivered to researchers with full compliance oversight while iSpecimen’s research clients receive high quality and fully-customized specimen collections.


About iSpecimen

iSpecimen, a privately held company, provides life scientists with a rich source of high-quality human biospecimens for their research and development programs. The company’s pioneering technology allows it to search through millions of patient specimens flowing through its partner network of clinical laboratories each year to find biospecimens based on associated laboratory and medical record data. These samples, most of which would otherwise be discarded after clinical testing, exactly match patient cohort criteria and provide a steady supply of richly-annotated human biospecimens for a variety of basic and translational research. For more information about iSpecimen, please visit