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From Chaos to Control – Transforming Biospecimen Procurement

Spending too much time and effort navigating the challenges involved in attaining the biospecimens you need? You’re not alone!

Life science professionals across the globe are routinely faced with the frustrations of falling short on the quantity and quality of specimens they need, all while managing a fragmented procurement process among disparate biospecimen providers.

Key learning points in this upcoming webinar:

  • New data sheds light on today’s unique experiences and shared challenges related to sourcing biospecimens
  • The benefits of taking a hard look at decentralized biospecimen processes, their far-reaching implications, and why we can expect more
  • A new perspective on specimen access, availability, and procurement via a novel centralized approach
  • A case study showcasing how organizations, like yours, are embracing innovation and simplifying the biospecimen procurement journey
  • Engage in a live 15 minute Q&A session with our experts immediately following their 30 minute presentation

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