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Fresh, healthy whole bone marrow aspirate (UNPROCESSED) for research

Whole bone marrow is aspirated via sterile needle from a healthy donor’s posterior iliac crests. An anticoagulated syringe (typically sodium heparin or other anticoagulant, as requested) is connected to the aspiration needle which is inserted through the bone multiple times to optimize total cell count, cellularity, and viability, collecting up to 100 ml of aspirate per healthy donor typically yielding >15 billion cells. Bone marrow aspirate consists of a heterogeneous mixture of diverse cell types including hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells, lymphocytes, granulocytes, platelets, mesenchymal stem cells (or mesenchymal stromal cells), and more.


Finally, a better option FOR sourcING healthy whole bone marrow FOR RESEARCH

We know the success of your research can depend on sourcing bone marrow from a defined donor profile that provides the best cell phenotype for your application. iSpecimen helps by providing access to multiple donor collection centers, through the iSpecimen Marketplace, in different geographic locations with a collectively large and diverse healthy donor pool.

Each partner site is approved by iSpecimen according to strict qualification criteria to ensure conformance with U.S CFR regulations governing ethical procurement of human tissue, collection and processing of personal data, donor consent and safety, disclosure of risk, compensation, and use of tissue for life science research – all under the oversight of an Independent Review Board (IRB).

One-stop Access Saves Precious Time and Reduces Complexity 

Our innovative iSpecimen Marketplace also eliminates the often time-consuming, expensive, and onerous process of contacting multiple primary cell suppliers and having to repeatedly provide donor criteria for prospective tissue collection. The iSpecimen Marketplace allows you to manage all aspects of your specimen sourcing from a centralized location – from selection of donor criteria to quote requests, tracking shipments, accessing data, and even invoice management.

Easier Order Management and Dependability

The iSpecimen Marketplace allows you to conveniently check order status – with optional automated alerts – as orders move from collection into shipment and delivery. Of course, back-up donors are always scheduled to ensure orders are received when you need them, without delay.

Easily Select Healthy Donor Attributes for Prospective Collection

Once you’re logged into the iSpecimen Marketplace you’ll see how simple it is to select the bone marrow aspirate you need – along with your desired healthy donor attributes – obtain pricing, and determine availability according to your desired delivery date. You can also quickly choose from a list of inclusion criteria and/or specify exclusion criteria for your application. For example, you may refine your search for whole bone marrow according to a donor’s age, gender, race, ethnicity, blood type, smoker status (tobacco, vape, or cannabis), HLA type, BMI, and other profile information. As an option, you may also request up to 100 ml of fresh autologous whole peripheral blood with each bone marrow collection.

UNMATCHED Bone Marrow Quality 

Bone marrow collections typically average >15 million cells per ml and as high as 30 million cells per ml, subject to donor-to-donor variability.  Choose a standard or expanded panel of infectious disease testing or required serological tests. Select shipping conditions under ambient or cool with an option to include a temperature logger so that data can be downloaded covering the delivery period.

Download our Data Sheet for details.