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We make it easier to access a deeper supply of hematologic tissue, multipotent stem and immune cells

February 20, 2020

microscope for tissue slides

Life science researchers are increasingly discovering the value that iSpecimen’s Marketplace and its growing network of supply partners – hospitals, clinical labs, biobanks, blood collection centers, and healthy cell processing sites – provide by enabling increased access to large cohorts of specimens and annotated data, efficiently and in a scalable way.



Matching diseased specimens with controls from healthy donors

As you may have seen, we’ve been rapidly expanding access to hematopoietic stem and immune cells, delivering on our commitment to provide scientists with a better solution to search and acquire the types of healthy and diseased hematologic specimens with annotated data needed to advance research and development.

Healthy hematologic specimens are often used as controls when matched with diseased cells, biofluids or tissue. Researchers seeking to develop new treatments or diagnostic tests for hematologic cancers like leukemia or lymphoma, for example, often need to compare diseased marrow, cells, blood, plasma, serum, or tumor tissue with healthy counterparts to reveal biomarkers of disease. Once a biomarker has been identified, it can be targeted for diagnostic development, and/or the marker or some other aspect of cell physiology can be targeted for possible therapeutic intervention.

Through our expanding network of certified centers for donation of bone marrow, peripheral whole blood and mononuclear cells (e.g., Leukopacks – mobilized and non-mobilized), we can deliver such controls in a scalable way matched by a range of variables, including HLA type, blood type, body mass index, ethnicity, race, age, gender, and even smoker status such whether the donor is a tobacco, vape, or cannabis user. Researchers can select the required scope of infectious disease testing such as CMV, HTLV-I/II, hepatitis (B&C), HIV, West Nile Virus, syphilis, Chagas, and more, and also specify any patient/donor exclusion criteria pertinent to the specific application.

Economical and compliant

These high-volume samples are particularly cost-effective for research organizations that conduct assays week in and week out or require large amounts of tissue or cells for process development and validation. As with any human biospecimen collection our suppliers perform, iSpecimen ensures that cells are collected in accordance with U.S. Health and Human Services regulations as well as HIPAA guidelines. Biospecimens are also collected under iSpecimen’s IRB protocol with informed consent or under partners’ IRB/IEC protocols with informed consent, both of which have been reviewed and approved by iSpecimen’s compliance team.

The iSpecimen Marketplace provides easy access to a larger total eligible donor pool, a more diverse range of donor phenotypes, and a broader selection of customizable donor attributes than any other single supplier.

Your work is challenging. Getting samples so you can get started should be easy. Now it is. Give us a try.

Learn about the iSpecimen Marketplace where you can browse millions of richly annotated, de-identified human tissue and biofluid biospecimens, in addition to hematopoietic and immune cell products. You can join for free and creating a login is easy. Request a quote or custom collection today.

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