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Tumor Tissue Samples and Detailed Data for Ovarian Cancer Research

June 7, 2018

June Specimen Spotlight

Approximately 22,000 American women this year will receive a diagnosis of ovarian cancer, the fifth-ranked fatal cancer among women.

Among the conditions related to ovarian cancer are mutations of:

Scientists are aggressively seeking treatments and cures for the disease.

Researchers need specific cancer tumor tissue samples and extensive data

We recently received an order from a precision medicine company for 15 ovarian cancer tumor tissue samples, each from a different patient, along with a wealth of data around each sample, including its TP53 and KRAS mutation status. Our client requested that the tissue samples weigh at least 200mg each and originate in U.S. patients only. The client also requested cytogenetics, histology and clinical pathology data for each sample.

Meeting highly specific demands of precision medicine and research

An order this specific and demanding this level of annotated data – and in a fresh tissue sample, no less – would have been extremely difficultto fill without our unique ability to query the vast network of labs, biorepositories and other healthcare organizations that supply biospecimens to the iSpecimen Marketplace. We have begun filling the order and will monitor our network for the rest of the required samples as they arise in procedures throughout the country.

This order is another example of how highly specific biological samples foster precision research in the era of precision medicine. As with other disease categories, ovarian cancer has gradually become a broad term signifying a set of conditions exhibiting different metabolic pathways, biomarkers, and other biologic characteristics that dictate myriad different treatments.

For thousands of women and their families, the research we’re describing in this Specimen Spotlight is a source of tremendous hope.

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