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Specimen Insight podcast: Fast-Tracking Liquid Biopsy Development

September 12, 2019

Specimen Insight Podcast

Liquid biopsies are among the most exciting areas of medical diagnostics. Although the technology is in its early stages, the hope is that liquid biopsies – through a simple draw of blood or other human biofluids – will detect cancer earlier and without the invasiveness of surgical or needle biopsies. The procedure could one day be simple and cost-effective enough to conduct in the doctor’s office or in the comfort of one’s own home, even before symptoms arise.

Our second Specimen Insight podcast episode, “Fast-Tracking Liquid Biopsy Development Through Better Biospecimen Collection,” features a conversation with Eric Langlois, iSpecimen’s senior vice president of sales and business development. For decades, Eric has consulted with research organizations to help them acquire the specimens they need to advance their work. Recently, he has been working closely with numerous clients who are leading liquid biopsy studies to satisfy specific patient, specimen, collection, processing and delivery requirements. The resulting collections leverage iSpecimen’s extensive pre-established patient network with its pre-established protocols, which together save clients a lot of time that they would otherwise spend building collection infrastructures from the ground up.

Listen to the podcast episode to learn:

  • The promise of liquid biopsies and the challenges research organizations face when trying to assemble the biospecimen collections they need to cross the go-to-market finish line with these emerging diagnostic tools.
  • How involving biospecimen partners like iSpecimen early in a project can save research organizations valuable time and money, and help them avoid unforeseen setbacks.
  • How iSpecimen can help optimize human biospecimen collection projects, from setting up sites to identifying proper donors, building collection kits, training personnel, managing collections and coordinating deliveries.
  • How researchers can track their projects, including collections and shipping in real time (thanks to the iSpecimen Marketplace platform).

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