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Infographic: The Philanthropic Patient At-a-Glance

December 14, 2016

Raising hands

At this time last year, we published third-party, independent research about patient attitudes on the use of clinical biospecimens. In the twelve months that have since passed, we’ve seen unflagging national focus on personalized medicine research and increased public awareness on the importance of patient contributions, particularly with regard to the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI). Access to these valuable specimens– and their associated data– is helping scientists uncover insights related to all types of cancer, chronic diseases, and a whole host of other conditions.

Due to the continued momentum of raising awareness about patient participation, we thought a visual of our findings would serve well as a year-end graphic. From the PMI to the Cancer Moonshot to Sean Parker’s cancer immunotherapy center to the Zuckerberg-Chan Initiative, 2016 appears to have been the most medical research-focused year yet, on a national scale. As we all prepare for the holidays and new year, let us not forget the importance of collectively making healthcare better for years to come.

The Philanthropic Patient
The Philanthropic Patient