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Let’s get together online April 24

April 18, 2019

Join the Webinar ‘From Chaos to Control: Transforming Biospecimen Procurement’

Your research, your goals and your biospecimen procurement challenges are paramount, and that’s why we do our best to anticipate your needs on the iSpecimen Marketplace, in person, and here on our blog.

Learn More About the iSpecimen Marketplace

Do you still have questions for us? Or are you new to our community? Or would you like to introduce your colleagues to how biospecimen procurement is evolving?

Wednesday, April 24, offers a great opportunity. It’s our first-ever webinar, “From Chaos to Control: Transforming Biospecimen Procurement.” It’s scheduled for 2 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. EDT.

We’ll cover:

  • How traditional biospecimen procurement is harming science.
  • The time and effort that research organizations spend struggling to find the precise specimens they need from disparate sources.
  • How R&D teams are working faster and smarter with less effort—and getting to their research sooner.
  • How the Amazon-like iSpecimen Marketplace functions as a single, centralized and consolidated source of specimens, reducing researchers’ search hours, paperwork load, and worries around compliance.
  • How the Marketplace has made a big difference for real-life users.

We’ll include a freewheeling Q&A with our CEO and founder, Christopher Ianelli, MD and PhD, and our COO, Jill Mullan. They’ll field any questions that relate to your procurement needs.

As you know so well, research is challenging enough without specimen procurement being a project in itself. As medicine advances, your needs are becoming more specific, and our marketplace is designed specifically to provide you with exactly what you need.

Please join us on the 24th. We look forward to talking with you then – or any time that works for you.

Learn about the iSpecimen Marketplace where you can browse millions of richly annotated, de-identified human tissue and biofluid biospecimens, in addition to hematopoietic and immune cell products. You can join for free and creating a login is easy. Request a quote or custom collection today.

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