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In case you missed it! Transforming biospecimen procurement webinar update

May 2, 2019

We enjoy covering medical breakthroughs on this blog as well as the vital role human biospecimens play in them. Gathering biospecimens for research is no small feat: One reason is that the more progress we see in medicine, the more specific these biospecimens need to be.

For example, in the past, a researcher may have been fine studying tumor tissue from lung cancer patients, but now she may need to study tissue from non-small cell lung cancer patients with EGFR mutations who have been on EGFR inhibitors and have not responded to the therapy.

This specificity requirement complicates an already steep challenge for researchers, who have often delayed or abandoned their important work because of the difficulty in getting sufficient numbers of high-quality specimens.

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We dove deep into the biospecimen procurement challenge in our first webinar, “From Chaos to Control: Transforming Biospecimen Procurement,” which we conducted last Wednesday but have recorded for you here.

Listen and watch when it’s convenient, and learn:

  • What exactly makes biospecimen procurement so challenging;
  • What the data said about the challenge in 2011, compared with what it says today;
  • How we at iSpecimen are streamlining procurement much as Amazon transformed book buying.

We also take some audience polls, field some questions, and walk through the iSpecimen Marketplace’s capabilities for specimen discovery, requesting quotes, compliance, order management and more.


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