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Category: Industry Trends

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Colorectal Cancer Rates Rise Among the Young

March 2, 2017

The fight against cancer continues to feel most often like an uphill battle, but it’s been heartening to see colorectal cancer diagnosis and death rates fall steadily over the years. So it was troubling to learn this week that colorectal cancer rates are actually rising among younger Americans. In Americans aged 50 and older, the […]

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Molecular Med TRICON

Emerging Technologies to Take Center Stage at TRI-CON

February 16, 2017

Many of us love a good list – crisp, concise, actionable – and the internet abounds with Top Tens, Top Twenties and more. In terms of healthcare, list proliferation is vast, with everything from the top new cancer treatment approaches to the best hospitals in America. Products, services, trends – all are ripe for list […]

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Blood Donation

Fast Facts for National Blood Donor Month

January 17, 2017

Blood: we take it for granted until we see it or, heaven forbid, lose it. Millions — including cancer patients, organ recipients, and accident victims – count on blood being at the ready. Every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood, according to the American Red Cross. Yet, only 10% of eligible individuals give […]

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2016 in Review: What a Year it’s Been for iSpecimen!

December 21, 2016

While New Year’s celebrations might vary, all can agree that it’s a time to be grateful for the past year’s blessings and a chance to toast to hope and luck in the future. 2016 was an exciting year for the life science industry as the nation turned its focus to furthering research initiatives with important […]

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Blood Drop

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month

August 31, 2016

Every three minutes, someone in the United States is diagnosed with a form of blood cancer, such as leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma, and every nine minutes someone in our country dies from the disease, according to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Additionally, more than a third of blood cancer patients still do not survive […]

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Past the Point of Care: Reaping Additional Value from Your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Investment

May 18, 2016

By Christopher Ianelli, MD, PhD, CEO, iSpecimen The HITECH Act of 2009 put into place a number of federally-funded incentives to encourage the adoption of EMRs. The benefits of EMRs are clear – fewer medical errors, more coordinated care, and ultimately, lower costs. However, the time and money associated with implementing them has proven to […]

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National Lab Week

Laboratory Professionals: Unsung Heroes of Healthcare

April 27, 2016

Today, there are roughly 300,000 clinical laboratory professionals working in the United States. The daily work that these professionals do is critical to the ongoing understanding, diagnosis, and prevention of disease. But because they work mostly behind the scenes in healthcare settings, these lab professionals often go unnoticed as crucial members of the healthcare team. […]

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Medical Philanthropy: Strangers open their homes to traveling families

March 7, 2016

We in the Boston area are fortunate enough to have local access to some of the best doctors, hospitals, and medical research in the nation. Our healthcare hub attracts more than 260,000 individuals from all over the world who need care each year, but with nearby hotels costing between $109 and $169 a night with […]

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US Supreme Court

The Supreme Court on Healthcare

February 22, 2016

Since the passing of Supreme Court Justice Scalia last weekend, ‘court pundits’ have been presenting their opinions on who could be nominated next and what this could mean. Given that it is an election year, there has also been much talk about whether or not President Obama should make a nomination versus waiting until a […]

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The Significance of National Blood Donor Month

January 14, 2016

January was declared National Blood Donor Month in 1970 due to the difficulty of recruiting donors specifically during this month. Perhaps it’s the increase of cold and flu symptoms, inclement weather, or the winter blues after the holiday season or just the fact that there are 31 days, but whatever the case may be, even […]

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