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Category: Industry Trends

Why can’t research procurement be as easy as finding what you need on Amazon?

July 19, 2018

Want a good book? You know where to look. A hotel in Phoenix? A replacement gas tank for your 1954 Harley? eBay. Okay, what if you’re a biomedical researcher who needs a set of specific tumor tissue samples to help discover a potentially lifesaving therapy? That might be a tough ask unless you’re online […]

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The Path to R&D Productivity Starts Here

July 12, 2018

Medical breakthroughs are the ultimate purpose of a research organization. Helping make them more achievable, abundant and frequent  is ours. Traditionally, access to biospecimens for research has been a limiting factor in these breakthroughs. Today, however, finding and procuring the biospecimens required by your research –  from even the hardest-to-find patients of interest – is […]

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The Patient’s Predicament: Donating Biospecimens and Waiting for Cures

June 21, 2018

Imagine you’re very sick and your prognosis is tenuous. You’re taking some experimental drugs and praying for the best. Your doctor wants you to stay hopeful. “A lot of scientists are studying your condition as we speak,” she says. “We could see a breakthrough at any time.” In fact, she would like to collect blood […]

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Medicare to cover next-generation sequencing for cancer patients

March 30, 2018

Great news for cancer patients, their doctors and the scientists creating personalized medicine solutions: Medicare will immediately begin covering next-generation sequencing (NGS) tests that help doctors prescribe specific cancer treatments likely to help individual patients based on their genetic profiles. “CMS believes when these tests are used as a companion diagnostic to identify patients with […]

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Biobanks provide access to human biospecimens for scientific research

2018 Will Be a Big Year for Biobanks

December 11, 2017

Nearly nine years ago, TIME magazine officially listed biobanks as one of 10 ideas changing the world. In 2018, we predict we will finally see that change realized. Biobanks have amassed impressive quantities of human tissue, biofluids and cells that scientists can study to discover treatments and cures – by some estimates, more than 1 […]

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Drone Delivery and the Uberization of Healthcare

October 27, 2017

Although computers transmit huge volumes of health data, certain information can’t travel in ones and zeroes. For example, when your primary care doctor wants a blood panel, your filled vial has to physically get to a lab. That can be a big challenge if you live in a remote location. That’s why researchers are looking […]

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Gender Matters in Research Subjects

July 17, 2017

New research from the United Kingdom points to flaws in the thinking that men and women are generally interchangeable as research subjects. Scientists working at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute analyzed up to 234 physical characteristics of more than 50,000 mice. In a standard group of mice – control mice – their sex had an […]

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Evolution of Cancer Biospecimens Infographic by iSpecimen

May is National Cancer Research Month

May 24, 2017

May is National Cancer Research Month, which recognizes the importance of cancer research and the contributions of researchers, physician-scientists, survivors, and patient advocates in the quest to conquer cancer. The heroic effort does not wane on May 31, however: research and development of new diagnostics and treatments – and the ultimate quest for a cure […]

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Colorectal Cancer Rates Rise Among the Young

March 2, 2017

The fight against cancer continues to feel most often like an uphill battle, but it’s been heartening to see colorectal cancer diagnosis and death rates fall steadily over the years. So it was troubling to learn this week that colorectal cancer rates are actually rising among younger Americans. In Americans aged 50 and older, the […]

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Molecular Med TRICON

Emerging Technologies to Take Center Stage at TRI-CON

February 16, 2017

Many of us love a good list – crisp, concise, actionable – and the internet abounds with Top Tens, Top Twenties and more. In terms of healthcare, list proliferation is vast, with everything from the top new cancer treatment approaches to the best hospitals in America. Products, services, trends – all are ripe for list […]

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