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Month: June 2020

People wearing masks during COVID-19 pandemic

Chasing clues to COVID-19’s particular severity in men

June 25, 2020

COVID-19 appears to be hitting men harder than women, and four months into the pandemic, the reason is still a mystery. Scientists are looking at a range of potential factors, including immune response, a protein called ACE 2, hormones, smoking and the well-documented male reticence of going to the doctor.

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Male patient smiling

Promising experimental liquid biopsy for prostate cancer finds urine preferable to blood

June 18, 2020

Scientists in Russia may have found a new, more effective and less invasive way to detect prostate cancer, the second-most common cancer in men with nearly 1.3 million new cases and more than 350,000 deaths in 2018.

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Coronavirus crisis takes many forms

June 10, 2020

The focus of coronavirus research is far broader than general vaccines, treatments and tests. Researchers are looking into patient genetics, early-warning systems, and the special requirements of the elderly.

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