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Month: September 2017


Good News on World Heart Day

September 28, 2017

Tomorrow is World Heart Day, and new research released this week demonstrates rapid detection of heart attacks with a simple blood test. This new blood test can reportedly rule out a heart attack in less than 20 minutes, potentially saving patients hours of anxiety and vacating costly hospital beds for people who really need them. […]

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The iSpecimen Marketplace for human biospecimen procurement.

Catching Up with Chris Ianelli, Founder and CEO of iSpecimen

September 21, 2017

Our CEO, Chris Ianelli, MD, PhD, was recently interviewed by Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC), where he will be speaking in January 2018, about the power of the iSpecimen Marketplace in redefining the way human biospecimens are procured. PMWC attracts recognized authorities and experts across healthcare and biotechnology sectors, and we are very excited for […]

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Specimen Spotlight: When Every Minute Counts

September 12, 2017

While some might giggle about the topic, there is serious biomedical value in analyzing fresh, healthy stool. Such research yields insights into the apparent link between the human body’s microbes and total health, including mental health. And when it comes to studying the microbiome, the fresher the stool the better. In fact, these samples start […]

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