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Month: June 2017

Liquid biopsy tests.

Researchers Discover New Blood Test for Aggressive Prostate Cancer

June 28, 2017

Human blood and other biofluids continue to help researchers untangle medical mysteries. In the latest example, UK researchers report they have discovered that rare cells in the blood can identify patients with aggressive prostate cancer. If the efficacy of the simple and accurate blood test is confirmed, it could mean earlier, more affordable detection of […]

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Just in Time for Summer: Skin Samples Bring Us Closer to a True Sunless Tan

June 21, 2017

Many fair-skinned people yearn for a dark summer tan, but too much sun can cause skin cancer, tanning beds are dangerous, and bronzers actually turn you orange. There’s no solution to this conundrum yet, but researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have come up with some intriguing advances. They’ve gotten live human skin to produce brown […]

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IgM Antibody

June Specimen Spotlight: Improving Early Detection of Lyme Disease

June 8, 2017

Lyme disease, a tick-borne infection diagnosed in roughly 330,000 Americans every year, becomes a heightened concern in June and July, especially for people in the Northeast and upper Midwest, where the disease is concentrated. Early diagnosis and treatment with antibiotics, however, usually means a rapid and complete recovery. Our June Specimen Spotlight features a set of […]

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