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Month: August 2015

human specimen of blood

Your Irisin is Rising: Proof of the Exercise Hormone’s Existence

August 26, 2015

For some, irisin sounds like a mythological creature thought up by J.R.R. Tolkien, and until last week, that would not have been too far off. Irisin was first identified by Harvard Medical School’s Bruce Spiegelman in 2012 and has been a point of scientific strife ever since. While the idea of irisin, a supposed “exercise […]

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DNA Close Up Illustration

Print Me a Pill: How 3D Printing Will Propel Personalized Medicine

August 21, 2015

The fact that the FDA has approved the first 3-D printed pill is a monumental achievement in the evolution of medicine. Not only could this forever impact the drug manufacturing industry, but also it has shown the world that the personalized medicine initiatives never before thought possible are becoming a reality. Today’s 3D printers allow […]

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Gut Microbiome & Celiac Disease

Understanding Mental Health by way of a Urine Test? Modern Medicine Seems to Have Made it Possible.

August 12, 2015

A year ago this month Robin Williams passed away, and many are appropriately choosing to remember him through the joy he brought to both the large and small screens. But August 11th is also an important reminder to think about our family, friends and co-workers who may be living quietly with bipolar disorder (BD), a […]

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Finger Blood Test for Malaria

Increasing Patient Empowerment Through Lab Tests

August 6, 2015

Blood is not only a carrier of life within the body, it’s also arguably the most reliable channel of information once it leaves the body either as a droplet on a sophisticated diagnostic strip or in larger quantities in a laboratory vial. For millions of people living healthy lives with diabetes, a common condition affecting […]

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