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Month: January 2015

Test Tube with DNA Markers

Can biorepositories support the future of personalized medicine?

January 27, 2015

If personalized medicine will ever achieve the heights it is capable of, it needs an adequate inventory of high quality biospecimens that physicians and researchers can access with ease, speed, and confidence.

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Test Tube with DNA Markers 2

Big data tool may improve accuracy of cancer diagnoses and treatments

January 8, 2015

Scientists have developed a statistical model that will potentially help diagnose and treat cancer patients based on the genomic information of individual solid tumors.

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Rheumatoid arthritis

Diagnostics for autoimmune diseases need to improve

While both doctors and biopharmaceutical companies are interested in the potential of personalized medicine, the pursuit of treatments within this model has proven more productive for certain classes of diseases than others.

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How Do You Determine If Research Is "Human Subjects Research?" Infographic

How do you determine if research is ‘human subjects research?’

January 7, 2015

Whether research focuses on the disease process within cells or drug discovery for more effective treatments, remnant clinical specimens or their associated data both play pivotal roles in these studies. Data show that patients agree. Specifically, 87 percent of patients believe that the donation of human biospecimens is essential, while 75 percent are willing to […]

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