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Annotated Human Samples for Research

Connecting Patients, Specimens for Research

In the age of personalized medicine, full control over experimental variables and precision in specimen annotation are as important as ever. iSpecimen has developed the iSpecimen Marketplace to help you gain this control. We connect patients, their samples, and data to fulfill detailed research demands; our proprietary matching technology forms the basis of the iSpecimen Marketplace and searches our vast network of reliable partners to satisfy a broad range of biofluid, solid tissue, and viable cell specimen requirements. Have a look at how you can search, refine, and select through the marketplace:

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Customized Specimen Searches

We source biofluids, solid tissue, and cells upon request. This means you always have access to the freshest specimens with the most up-to-date patient- and specimen-level data. You also have the ability to precisely specify the types of patients, medical data, and specimens for research that you need.

Fast, Real-time Collections

Our technology monitors millions of patients, specimens, and associated data that flow through our partners’ facilities. Depending on what you need, we either pull remnant specimens from clinical workflows, stored specimens from biorepositories, or approach and consent willing patients for research-use donations. Our fast, real-time collection reduces your research costs and procurement time. Get ahead of the curve with our cutting edge match-making technology.

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