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Easily Find Specimens for Your Research

The iSpecimen Marketplace makes it easy to find the human biospecimens you need from the patients you want. Our proprietary technology instantly matches your requests to a virtual inventory of millions of  biofluids, solid tissue, and viable cells, complete with associated patient and laboratory data, from our vast partner network of hospitals, labs, biobanks, and other healthcare organizations. Our specimens are available banked or prospectively-collected and include both clinical discards as well as specimens collected specifically for research purposes. Watch the animation above to see how the iSpecimen Marketplace works.

Benefits to Researchers:

  • One-stop access to a vast specimen network
  • High quality, data-rich biospecimens
  • Simplified contracting & compliance
  • Searchable anytime, anyplace

Readily Access Data You Need

Our proprietary technology tracks a wide range of de-identified patient data plus laboratory test results from millions of patients, enabling what is essentially a “virtual biobank.” If you need diagnoses, medications, procedure history, or specific test result ranges, we’ve got it! Our search engine matches the highest quality, data-rich specimens to your research requirements. Once a match is made, our technology instructs lab personnel to pick and ship you the samples and associated data.

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Customized Collections

If you are looking for very precise patient type or specimen characteristics to aid in the development of a new diagnostic test or therapeutic, our advanced search criteria identify specimens you need.

We track and retrieve specimens by any of these criteria:

Sample Specimen Data Sample Patient Data
Analytes & Test Results Demographics: Age, Gender, Race, Geography, Ethnicity
Matrices or Tissue Type Medical Conditions and Diagnoses
Tube Types & Additives Medications
 Molecular & Genetic Characterizations Medical Procedures
 Cold Ischemic Times Outcomes Data

Rapid Procurement

Through our technology and expansive partner network, we deliver specimens 28 times faster than traditional methods. Our approach accelerates medical discovery and enables research that was previously impractical due to procurement delays.

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Higher Quality

We automate sample selection and annotation to eliminate human errors. Specimens are picked on-demand to ensure they are the right specimens for each order. We partner only with IRB-governed, CLIA certified facilities in the United States and have a fully-auditable chain of custody that meets the highest standards in research.

Cost Savings

Our technology greatly speeds up specimen collection rates and allows researchers to tap into top-quality samples across a vast network of supply partner sites.  This keeps costs lower and speed faster than alternative procurement methods.

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