For Researchers

Human Specimen Procurement for Researchers

To support your research and developments efforts for diagnosing and managing human diseases, iSpecimen is proud to revolutionize the way biospecimens are sourced. Using our proprietary technology, we have enabled the iSpecimen Marketplace, through which we streamline and economize human specimen procurement. We provide researchers with biofluids, solid tissue, and cells, matched with de-identified patient data, to make sure you get the specimens you need from the patients you want. See how it works!

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Clinical Specimens for Diagnostic Development

iSpecimen provides clinical samples annotated with results from more than ten thousand tests performed at our partner facilities. We supply  biofluids, solid tissue, and cells for research including assay discovery, development, and optimization, as well as for instrument validation and biomarker discovery.

Clinical Specimens for Therapeutic Development

The therapeutics industry calls for precisely annotated specimens for drug and biomarker discovery. We provide biofluids, solid tissue, and cells, richly annotated with diagnostic test results from patients with thousands of disease states and conditions.

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Specimens for Translational Research and Government Funded Programs

We provide academic and not-for-profit clients with high volumes of rare and common biospecimens, perfect for GWAS and other research studies. Our technology and Partner Program also enable academic researchers to repurpose and source samples scheduled from their own academic medical centers.