For Partners

Partner Program

The iSpecimen Partner Program is a no-cost, turnkey solution that consists of everything a hospital, laboratory, repository or HIE needs to select and ship remnant or banked solid tissue and biofluids to iSpecimen’s customers. Key to the solution is iSpecimen’s pioneering technology that searches for specimens that match research requests, and automates specimen selection, annotation, and handling processes. This novel technology, plus iSpecimen’s strong customer base, enable partners to quickly and compliantly generate recurring revenue by putting their clinical waste or banked samples to more meaningful use.

Strong partnerships are the cornerstone of our business and ultimately our customers’ research programs.

Chris Ianelli, CEO

iSpecimen Partner Deliverables

iSpecimen’s technology matches solid tissue and biofluid demands against available discards or banked samples and then instructs lab personnel on which specimens to pick, process, pack, and ship daily.

Why Partner with iSpecimen?

The iSpecimen Partner Program provides clinical labs with the technology, support, and know-how to repurpose remnant or banked solid tissue and biofluids  in order to generate revenue.